Saturday, May 6, 2017

Praising the Lord Tonight!

What a difference 24 hours makes!  Thanking and praising the Lord for that difference!  Tim has really felt better today, even laughing and cracking silly jokes!  Does my heart good!
He got some much needed sleep last night, even with the nurses coming in.  He has been eating some today, too.  He had 2 bananas!  He also drank some of the chocolate Ensure.  He has been eating, drinking, peeing and are welcome!  :D  I was praying for all of those things earlier this week!

We had a bit of a set back this evening, however.  The rule is that the patient is responsible for requesting the pain pills and the nausea meds.  Well, we missed a dose of the zofran for nausea and when he took his pain medicine for his head, he threw it right back up.

The morphine today was not helping Tim's headache at all.  So, they tried something different.  A combination of narcotic, tylenol and caffeine.  It worked like a charm!  He can take it every 4 hours, as long as we ask for it.  The only problem is that it didn't keep the headache away the entire 4 hours.  Unfortunately, that is the medicine he threw up tonight, so they had to give him a dose of morphine again with the zofran.  So far he has not thrown up again.

Thank You, Lord, for Your answers to prayer we have seen already in the process of getting our Tim back!

First banana.  Food!  Yay!

My bedroom.  It certainly wasn't home, but it was OK.

I loved the scenery tonight as the sun set behind me and glistened off the buildings in downtown Winston Salem.

And the clouds were pretty cool, too!

OK, time to retire!  Have a blessed day in the Lord's house tomorrow!

1 comment:

Wilma King said...

Praying for Bro. Tim and for you Vicky. May God bless you both in this fight.

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