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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doctor's Note

Tim stayed in his pajamas today until time to get his shower for church.  He wasn't feeling well.  He said he couldn't breath well if he leaned back too far in his recliner.  However, he wasn't affected in any other position.  Then, tonight before church, he complained of an upset stomach.  I gave him a Zofran and he laid down in the bed and slept about an hour and a half.  When he got up at around 6:15 he was hungry and his stomach wasn't hurting any longer.  So, I heated up some leftovers for him to eat and then we got ready to go to church.  He seemed to be OK the rest of the evening, Thank You, Lord!

At church waiting for everyone to arrive.

While Tim napped this morning, I went outside to do some bird watching:
Mushroom transformation

It has a shiny, golden cast to it.

The bee is bigger than the flower


Three Amigos

We got a note back from Dr. Triozzi's (Tim's oncologist he see every month) RN regarding the CT scan request I sent last Friday.

"I reviewed your email with Dr. Triozzi today.  At this time the most important treatment is the gamma knife and treating Tim's brain metastases.  We most likely will explore changing Tim to a treatment that will attack his brain mets during his next visit on the 30th of June.  At that visit Dr. Triozzi will listen to Tim's lungs and if there is a concern on exam, we will schedule an xray to be done the 30th to detect if any lung metastases have occurred.  If there is metastatic disease, treatment will most likely not be altered, as the most important treatment at this time is the treating of the brain mets."

I understand the brain being the most urgent of organs to be treated at this time, but the rest of his vital organs are important, too!  I hope and pray his cough and breathing problems are not related to melanoma!  Thy will be done, Lord!  Give me peace and patience!

Tim has said he feels like he is in a tug-of-war with God calling him home and him going to the doctors for one more treatment!  But, he has also said that he wants everyone to be able to say that he did everything humanly possible to fight this cancer.  God is going to win the tug-of-war one way or the His time!  All of us have only a certain number of days to live and then we are outta here!  Tim's days are not over yet, since he is still with us!  Same for me.  And same for you if you are reading this!

Our youngest, Nathanael, is going to come for a visit tomorrow.  Too bad he couldn't bring Addy with him, but she is with her mother visiting relatives up north.

Until next time...................