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Friday, June 23, 2017

Our Abigail

Jessica woke up with a sore throat this morning, so decided it might be best not to come to see dad this weekend, but to wait a week.  However, she and Liz still made plans to meet in Beckley, WV so Ryan could go and spend the week with Chance and Thad.  So, Liz asked if we would keep Abby while she was on the road all day today.  OF COURSE WE WILL!!!

Tim's stomach has been messed up all day today, so he laid down after Abby got here.  So, to be quiet and not disturb him, Abby and I worked on puzzles.  She is really good at it, too!  She complained the ones with 100 pieces were too hard and she couldn't do it.  But, I showed her how to, first of all turn all of the pieces over and then put the ones with like colors together.  She was doing great in no time!

When Tim woke up around 4, they were both ready to eat.  So, guess where we went?  YUP!  Mickey D's!

When we were done eating, she went into the play area for awhile.  But, Tim's stomach was still messed up, so I told her we were going to go ahead and leave.....after we got her some ice cream.  She was happy with that!

I gave Tim some Pepto when we got home and we all three sat outside under the carport.  Abby and I also went around the fellowship hall to see if we could find any bunnies in the back of the property.  We didn't, but we found some mushrooms growing, some blackberries not ready to pick yet, and I introduced her to honeysuckle!

When her mom got back, Sally was full of energy after being in the car all day, so she and Abby ran around the yard.  I also took Liz inside for the first try out of the robotic sweeper.  I sure hope it eventually picks up all of my long hair til there is very little tangled around the brushes!  What a pain that was to get all of that out!  But, once I get used to the sweeper, I think I will like it!  I know I have way too much stuff for it to get around!  I may have to do some rearranging!

Here's today's photos.

Well, here we go.  The part I hate.....reading the instructions!

She definitely leave some sparkle wherever she goes!

I told Abby about the blackbirds being pesky at my bird feeders, so she made it her duty to chase away all of the black birds and the starlings, too, by "ROARing" at them!

So all of the birds flew to the neighbors' yard.  She had to take care of that, too!

Time for some puzzles.

Play time at McDonalds.

I wonder how many kids have had their noses on that window?!  :O

Back home and more puzzles.  How sad to get to the very end and find you have a missing piece!

This is one with 100 pieces that Abby didn't want to do, but she did great!

Our stack of puzzles we completed.

Time for a matching game.

Abby was concerned with Papaw not feeling great tonight.  She asked, "If papaw goes down, will it hurt?"  I assured her that it would not.  She was talking about him dying.

Mushrooms by the fellowship hall

I have no idea what these flowers are.

Will have to keep an eye on these.  A fresh berry cobbler would be good for next weekend!

Female Cardinal

I thought this was a mocking bird, but I'm not sure.
Abby was going to spend the night, but she realized that she didn't have her blankie with her.  She is no longer allowed to carry it with her everywhere she goes.  It must stay on her bed.  She was torn with what to do.  But, in the end, her blankie won.  She needed her blankie!  I told her it was OK that she would probably be able to spend the night sometime this coming week.