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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Youngest Son Came for a Visit

Nathanael couldn't get off to be here for our Memorial Day Weekend get-together because of not being able to get off from Walmart.  He didn't have Addy this week because she is up north visiting relatives with her mom, so Nat decided to come for a visit.

He arrived at around 12:15.  He surprised us by showing up in a new-to-him car.  A Dodge Journey.  I'm so thankful because I worried that he would even make it without getting pulled over in the other car!

2014 Dodge Journey, 60,000+ miles, $14,000 (For Brad's and Elisabeth's information)

I had lasagna and garlic bread ready for lunch.  We chowed down and then decided to do some thrifting.  We went to Mega Thrift and Goodwill near us.  By the time we were done with those, dad was ready to come back home for his nap.  While he slept, Nat and I went back to the Goodwill Outlet store so he could experience the chaos!  He did find Addy tons of books!

Then we headed to the Goodwill over on University Blvd and also the Mega Thrift right up the street from the Goodwill.  Mega Thrift had a sale on kids paper backs 5/$1.99.  He got 20 more books for Addy there!  Someone is going to be doing some reading!  He also found a telescope at one of the thrifts and a couple pairs of pants and a polo shirt.  I'd say he did OK today!

I was able to find some more Debbie Macomber books, too!

When we finally got back to the house, it was after 5:00 and Tim was awake and sitting outside under the carport waiting on us.  Nat took us to Applebees for Tim's Father's Day dinner.

When we got back we all sat under the car port.  Watched some birds, tried to see through the telescope, took cloud pictures, another mushroom picture, and of course bird pictures.

It's hard to see the chickadee hanging upside down on the suet cage, nibbling the little bit the blackbirds left.

You have to look closely, but the bird on the right has it's mouth open and the chipping sparrow on the left was putting seeds into its mouth.  Watch the video below.  I'm pretty sure after watching them that the one on the right is a BIG baby bird!

Tomorrow Nat is interested in going to Mt. Airy and seeing some Andy Griffith sites and eat a pork chop sandwich for lunch!  :D