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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In His Time

Tim was up earlier than me today.  And by the time I got up, he was ready to lay back down again.  That means I do quiet things until he gets back up.  So, I worked on the computer cleaning up my e-mail and checking Facebook.  Plus I put the dishes away from the dishwasher and began filling it up again.

After Tim woke back up, we made a run to Walmart.  He did not go in, however.  He stayed in the car and listened to talk radio.  I hadn't eaten yet today, so I had planned to go to Arby's and use a coupon to get two Loaded Italian sandwiches for $6.  Tim was only going to get a drink when we left the house.  But, by the time we left Walmart, he was ready for a small chili and a Jr. bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's.

Leaving for Walmart.
Found this on the back porch as we went outside to leave for Walmart!  Thank you, Jessica, for your thoughtfulness.  I haven't played with it yet!
Robotic sweeper gifted to me from my daughter-in-law.

We sat outside for a little while after we ate lunch.  When Tim went in for his nap, I went in, too, because it was a bit warm out, even under the shade of the carport.
I bought an owl at Walmart today, hoping it would keep the black birds away.

They were a little cautious, at first.

They kept their distance, for awhile.

But, they got closer and closer.................

Until they were back on the bird feeder and the suet cake feeder.  I started out with the owl hanging in the tree before I moved it to one of the shepherds hooks right by the feeders.  When that didn't seem to work, I moved it up into the tree.  I think it kept the little birds away, which is not what I want.

I am assuming this is a buzzard, circling for dead things.

According to the web, this is a juvenile chipping sparrow.  It was very small!

The female house finch is very pale in color compared to the male.

 We were invited out to dinner by Joy and Bobby (Mexican).  Mrs. Parks, Sharon and Calvin and "little" Sharon were there, too.  Fun, Food, and Fellowship!  A wonderful blessing!  Thank you, Joy and Bobby, for paying for our meal!

While waiting to leave to go to dinner, I worked on my poncho.  I tried a couple of times to work this yarn in crochet, but it is too loopy!  So, I had to find a knit pattern.  It is still proving to be challenging!  And the trick was to find a pattern that would use no more than the 3 skeins of yarn that I have!

Ready for church.

Tim was cold and sleepy, so I let him use Lori's arm prop for a pillow and got one of the quilts out of the nursery.  I don't think he was able to get any sleep as people started arriving soon after this.
Tim makes the announcements from the pulpit.  Sometimes he chases rabbits and ends up preaching short sermons!  But, he is different since the brain surgery and the seriousness of his illness has affected him more than at any other time in the 5 years he has been battling the melanoma.  Everything he says from the pulpit comes from his heart and with a passion for the things of God and a hatred for the sin that goes on in the world.  I am pretty sure I'm not the only one who has noticed.  And I'm pretty sure I am not just imaging it!

He talks about the songs and how wonderful they are and what a great God we have.  He even talked about how he had been so burdened for Hannah to be saved and praised God for her salvation.  And the songs were wonderful.  We sang about the Old Rugged Cross.  Before the preaching began, I was in tears, just grateful for being God's child.  Praying, too, that Tim would heal so he could get back to doing what he loves.....preaching!  I cried because I could just see and tell how much he wanted to be preaching as he would take up time with his little sermonettes.  And he wants to do the pastoral work that he loves.  He wants to visit Tom in the hospital.  But, he just cannot take the chance of catching pneumonia or anything else right now when he is in his own healing process!  And Dorothy has said she is glad he didn't come.  She wants him to heal, too.  It breaks my heart to know how much he wants to be in that pulpit and doing the work of the pastorate.  I think sometimes he gets depressed about it, especially when he is not doing anything.

Oh, my heart was heavy tonight as I watched and listened to Tim at church tonight!  But, I know God has a plan for Tim and He is working that plan.  We just need to be patient and wait on the Lord!  In His time, He makes all things beautiful!

Karen Gault used to sing this when we attended the Addyston Baptist Church back in the 80's and 90's.  Some of these lines I don't remember, but they are good:

In His Time

In His time, in His time,
He makes all things beautiful in His time.
Lord, please show me everyday
As You’re teaching me Your way,
That you do just what You say in Your time.

In Your time, in Your time,
You make all things beautiful in Your time.
Lord, my life to You I bring,
With its winter and its spring,
May I fathom everything in Your time.

There’s a time, there’s a time
Both for sowing and for reaping there’s a time.
Time for losing, time for gain,
Time for joy and time for pain,
Every purpose under heaven has a time.

There are times, there are days,
Weeks and months we cannot understand God’s ways.
If for years we fail to scan
What is his eternal plan,
We’ll remember that He can, all the time.

Thank You, Lord, for making all things beautiful, in Your time!  Including my life.  Teach me Your way, dear Lord!  I give my life to You to do as You please, because I know it will only be for my good and Your glory!  AMEN!