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Friday, June 16, 2017

Such a Sweet Church Family

Today we took Nat to Mt. Airy to see some Andy Griffith things.  But I was concerned about how Tim was going to hold up with the walking.  His balance is still not great, and the more tired he gets, the more he stumbles and drags.

We had a slight incline from the parking area to the Main street.  He did OK, but by the time we reached Snappy's restaurant, he was definitely ready to sit down.  Thank the Lord, there was no line of waiting!  The last time we were there, the line was out the door and up the street!  None of us ordered the famous pork chop sandwich!

After we finished lunch, we took Nat to the Andy Griffith Museum, which was about 2 blocks away.  About halfway into the second block, Tim said, "I need to sit down."  But, of course, there was no where to sit down.  We had to keep going.  Fortunately, in front of the entrance to the museum, there were some benches.  I told Tim to sit and I would go to get the car and pick him up.  He and Nat ended up going into the Museum.  However, they didn't get to see much because it is being renovated.

Barney Fife's cruiser giving someone a tour.

I got back to the car in about 10 minutes.  I texted Nat that I would be back in about 5 minutes.  He said they were waiting outside near the picnic tables in the parking lot next to the museum.  Then we went to see Andy's house he grew up in and headed back to the house.

Sorry, Nat, that we couldn't do much walking around to show you more stuff.  We will have to do it some time when dad is stronger.  I knew the walking would be a problem, even though he insisted we go.

When we got home, Tim went straight to bed.  That was about 2;45.  While Nat was chilling in the man cave, I went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and told him to text me if I was needed.  I got back to the house an hour later.  Nat had the car packed and was ready to hit the road.  I hated to see him leave so soon since we seldom get to see him.  We hugged for a long time and shed a few tears and then he was on his way.

Tim slept until about 4:30.  I got busy after Nat left straightening up a bit.  I swept and mopped the dining room, kitchen and my bathroom.  I did some dusting in the man cave. I set the table for supper as Calvin, his son-in-law and grandson were coming with burgers to stay with Tim while I went to the ladies' meeting at Calvin's house.  Thanks so much, guys!

I drove myself, Lori and Kathy to Calvin's home.  Sharon was hostessing and doing the devotion tonight.  She supplied the pizza and salad and everyone else brought drinks and desserts.  It was a wonderful time of sweet fellowship around the tables and around God's Word.  Sharon brought a wonderful devotion on the importance of prayer and rehearsed a prayer plan that she heard Tim mention probably at some point when he was preaching or teaching about prayer.  The acronym is ACTS:  Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.  She did a wonderful job!  Thanks, Sharon!  There were 13 ladies present!  Great crowd!
Lori brought the donuts and told Sharon she had to wear the hat!  Suits her well, don't you think?

I left at 8:30 so I could get home to give Tim his evening meds and I knew he would be ready for bed!  Calvin, Matthew and Jake left, Tim popped his pills and we read our nightly Spurgeon devotion and Tim went to bed.  I'm so thankful for Calvin, Matthew and Jake coming to keep (watch) Tim company.  Bobby had also sent me a text to see if Tim might want to go out to eat with him and Mark, but the others coming with the burgers beat him to the punch.  We have such a wonderful, caring and loving church family.  And they really love their pastor and cannot wait until he is well and back in the pulpit!  And I'm right there with them!

Thank You, Lord, for the progress Tim has made so far.  Please continue to strengthen him more and more each day!  I pray there will be no more tumors appear in the brain MRI on July 12th.  I pray that if something is going on with his lungs, that you will reveal that to the doctor on June 30th so he will order a CT scan of Tim's chest, abdomen and pelvic area.  Thy will be done!