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Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Do!

Tim has had a couple of rough days with his stomach.  He hasn't been able to eat very much.  And he hasn't been drinking as much, either.  That always worries me that he will become dehydrated and pass out on me, which he has done before and scared the living daylights out of me!  Plus, earlier this evening he was running a fever of 100.4, but it was gone by the time he went to bed.  Thank You, Lord!

Tim went to bed at 8:00 tonight.  He got up at 9 to use the restroom.  When he was finished I was waiting for him with a bottle of Gatorade in my hand.
ME (handing him the bottle of Gatorade):  I want you to drink some of this.
TIM (taking the bottle):  How come?
ME:  Because I don't want you getting dehydrated!
TIM (after drinking):  Thank you, sweetie!  I know you love me and care about me.  (And then he kissed me.)
ME (through tears):  I do!

Oh, Lord!  You know how much I love this man that You gave to me 41 + years ago!  I don't think I will ever be ready to give him up to You!  But, I know I will have Your help if and when that time comes!  Thank You, Lord, for the years You have given us; years I didn't deserve!  Thank You!  You know that if I had it to do all over again, even knowing the outcome, I'd still say, "I do!"

Here are some pictures from the day. I got some wonderful thunder cloud pictures as it moved through our area with LOTS of rain, which will probably make the sump pump run like crazy!

I took this first picture out in front of the house.  After I went to the mail box, I looked down from the porch into my flower bed to see these 4 indentations in the dirt.  What caught my eye was the movement that was going on in the one at the top of the picture.  Dirt was spraying up from the bottom of the indentation, but whatever was making the dirt spray was completely under the dirt.  I hurried into the house to get my camera so I could video it.  But, you guessed it, no more dirt movement by the time I got back.

These were the cotton ball clouds we had earlier in the day.

Yes, strawberry shortcake is meant to be eaten just like pumpkin pie.....mostly cool whip on top!  :D  Do I hear an AMEN?!

Those cotton ball clouds turned into rolling thunder clouds in the space of an hour or so!

I think Tim really came outside to warm up.  He spends most of his time freezing any more.  Little did he know the rain was about to pour, blowing in under the carport as it did!  He retreated to the car soon!

I told Tim this new mushroom looked like a golf ball with a cone head!  He agreed!

It was raining so heavy the green color disappeared from the trees!

The birds didn't mind the rain!

Tim's view from the car.


jeday0323 said...

I'm glad he drank some gatorade! He could try ensures to make sure he gets something in his stomach and the nutrients his poor body needs. Is he still taking the chemo pills? I bet that is what is making him sick to his stomach. Chemo has so many terrible side effects. :-(

Vicky said...

Yes, I'm sure it is probably the pills he's taking. Probably messing with the fever, too. The doctor told him most people taking these pills run a fever every day. Something else to be thankful for. I am making him drink at least one Ensure every day. I had him some Gatorade for church today, too.