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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Up at 8 to get ready for the post-op neurosurgeon follow up.  The visit was encouraging.  Information we found out:

Us:  Did you remove a portion of Tim's skull during the surgery to remove the tumor?
Doctor:  Yes.  And then it was put back in place with titanium.  Eventually the skull will fuse back together.

Us:  Where were the 3 new tumors?
Doctor:  One was in the front, left side of the brain just above the forehead.  (If I understood correctly) the other 2 were skull lesions.

Us:  What happens if there are more tumors come July 12th (the next MRI)?
Doctor:  We take care of them quickly with gamma knife radiation.  Lots of people have multiple gamma knife radiation procedures and live a productive life.  That would not be the case with full-brain radiation, which we will avoid.

Us:  With the double vision being gone all day yesterday, yet coming back around 9:00, what are your thoughts?
Doctor:  I believe it was probably due to fatigue.  As you become stronger and less fatigued, I believe the vision will return to normal.  You are doing great, but you still have a long way to go.

Us:  Should we make an appointment with the eye center now or wait?
Doctor:  You could go ahead and make it now.  But by the time your appt. rolls around, you may not need it.

After we got back to the car, I asked Tim if he would consider gamma knife radiation now.  He said, yes, he would consider it!  Thank You, Lord!

Tim went to the church office for about an hour after we got back.  Then we went to Subway for a BOGO sub.  When we returned, Tim went to the office again.  But, when he woke up about 45 minutes later and realized he had been asleep, he called me to tell me he was ready to come home for his nap.

I received a note back from his oncologist about the use of the brain cancer chemo pills.  His reply was, "At this time I would like you to continue your current chemotherapy treatment, as it is working well outside of the brain, and continue your gamma knife treatments as scheduled to treat the brain tumors.  If the gamma knife is stopped, I will speak with you about switching to Temodar (the chemo agent we spoke about for brain cancers) at your next visit on 6/30."

That conversation won't happen because the next brain MRI isn't until July 12th.  I do need to contact his oncologist about doing another CT scan on Tim's chest, abdomen and pelvic areas as one has not been done in quite a while.  If the melanoma is in his brain, it could be in his other major organs, too.  I pray not, but I think it needs to be watched more closely!

The AC is frozen in the main church, so we held our prayer meeting in the fellowship hall.  It was actually nice being able to lean on the tables and take notes.  Once again, Tim forgot to have the men pray, so I reminded him when he got back to his seat.  So before Philip Parks preached, he went back to the front and had the prayer.

Everyone was so encouraged to see the picture of Tim in the office from yesterday's blog post!  They miss their pastor!  If things keep progressing as they are, they will have him back in no time, Lord willing!

No double vision today!  Praise the Lord!

Can you imagine what it will be like to have perfect vision?  Maybe you do.  But, what about your spiritual vision?  Do you long to see Jesus?  Do you have perfect vision in Christ?  Wanting to see Him face to face?   To thank Him for His AMAZING GRACE!   Even when we turn our faces away from Him, He still loves us with an everlasting love!  I'll never understand that!

I've never heard this song, but I love the words.

To Behold Thee

From weariness of sin I turn at last, O Lord, to Thee
My eyes and heart grown dim from looking long on vanity.
I venture toward thy radiance then, compelled to come by grace
And in the pages of Thy word behold Thy lovely face.

Face of glory, turned upon me
I cannot but Thee adore.
To behold Thee, O my Saviour,
Is to love Thee more and more.

Each grace in all its fullness on Thy countenance I see.
Great tenderness of mercy, blazing light of purity.
Thine eyes are wells and love and wisdom, settled peace Thy brow,
Before the whole of perfect beauty I in worship bow.


When someday I before Thee stand, a debtor to Thy grace,
And gaze with heaven’s eyes upon the brightness of Thy face,
Transformed into Thy likeness, all my sin thrust far away,
With millions of redeemed ones I will lift my voice and say:

Face of glory turned upon me
I cannot but Thee adore.
To behold Thee, O my Savior,
Is to love Thee more and more.
To behold Thee, O my Savior,
Is to love Thee more and more.

Transformed into His likeness!  Can you even imagine that?  I cannot fathom it, but I long for it!
1 Corinthians 13:12 "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."