Thursday, June 22, 2017


Since Liz in on summer break from school, she enjoys going thrifting with us on Thursday.  She drove here so that we would be close to home so we could drop Tim off with Ryan and Abby back at the house when they tuckered out and didn't want to do any more thrifting.  We went to Kernersville and then over to Walkertown.  We ate at Zaxby's for lunch and then went home so Tim could sleep and Ryan and Abby could play.
Since I was the navigator today, I sat in front with Liz.

Tim moved to the back with the kids.

Abby made it her duty to hold papaw's hand again, which he loves!

I had a chicken BLT, called a Zaxby Club, for lunch.  It was very good!

Liz and I went to the University Blvd. Goodwill and Mega Thrift and stopped at General Dollar on Silas Creek on the way back home.
My thrift store finds.  Those handles will make some little girl a nice purse for Christmas.

I remembered to get a selfie with my girl today.

We had such a big lunch that all we had for supper was corn on the cob!  After Tim watched the news until 7, we went out under the carport.  It was drizzling some and misty.  Not much was happening.  And the blackbirds are definitely not afraid of the owl!  But, they were really going to town on the suet cakes, so I moved them!
Waiting for some bird action.

Not too afraid of the owl.

Not afraid at all of the owl, so I moved the suet cakes....... here!  Now, let's see how many blackbirds eat the suet cakes.


Male house finch

Don't think he wanted his picture taken.

I see someone hiding!  The cardinals are definitely afraid of the owl.

I believe this is a female cowbird

What are you looking at?  Can't a bird eat in peace?

Male cowbird.  The cowbirds do not like the owl.

No fear.

Mostly cowbirds the owl flushed out of the tree.

I thought this was a chimney swift, but the shape is all wrong.

Chimney Swift

You can see 3 in this picture.
Beautiful bluebird

OK, that's it for me.  Jessica will be here tomorrow night for the weekend and I will be busy getting ready for that!  So, I need my beauty rest!  :D

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