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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

He is LONGING to Preach

I thought Tim would relax after getting through the devotion at Mallard Ridge.  But, today he was back in the office to prepare for a sermon "for the future."  He came home long enough for lunch and is back at it again.  I told him when he comes back in an hour, that is it for the day!!!  And, if he doesn't come back on his own, "I WILL be coming after you!"  But, he came back early.  He went right to bed and slept 1 1/2 hours.  Lori came over for awhile.  After she left, I could tell he was B.O.R.E.D.!  So, I asked what he planned to do.  He said, where can we go?  I suggested going to the thrift stores we were planning on going to on Thursday.  He liked that idea.  We were out so long that it was way passed supper time by the time we finished the thrifting.  We ended up at Carriage House restaurant on Stratford Rd.

We had rain today.  We were in a downpour when we stopped at one of the thrifts.  The temperature cooled pretty quickly! Most of the time in the thrifts for Tim was sitting.  He walked around for a bit, but then while I looked at the books, he found a seat to wait.  If the temperature wasn't so hot, I would get him to take a couple of laps around the church parking lot with me.  Might have to start doing that in the evening to help strengthen his legs.

Bed time for Tim was 8:30.  He didn't get an afternoon nap, so I'm glad he went early.  I asked him how he made out in the office today working on a "future sermon."  He said he had decided to look over the next Solomon lesson (which is a Sunday Evening series he started before getting sick) and see if it needed work.  If it looked OK, he was planning on teaching it this Sunday evening.  I told him, in no uncertain terms, that he was not going to preach!  He needed to rest, even if he didn't want to.  I asked him, "So, if we had not had this conversation, you would have preached on Sunday, even though you are supposed to be taking time off to heal?"  He just looked at me sheepishly.

I love that his heart is all about preaching, but, he sure can be stubborn.  Please pray that he will relax and give up the idea of preaching until his recuperation period is up!  The church doesn't need any relapses once he starts back again.  They need a strong Tim back in the pulpit!