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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Day and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Well, today I have NO pictures!  I got the sleeves done on the baby sweater, but they are not sewn in place yet.  I decided to work up a hat using the same yarn, so I worked on that some.  I also printed out a pretty pattern for a baby blanket that I plan to knit for the baby.  I also have a new girly pattern to crochet sometime that I found on the internet today.  Tonight Tim and I were invited to dinner at the house of a man and woman that attends our church.  They have attended there for lots of years but have never joined.  I pray the LORD leads them to join.  Back to knitting for awhile, but first..................

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Hannah Banana who is 7 years old today!  I do have a picture that I would like to post after all.  This is our sweet little birthday girl when she was almost 5 months old, taken January 14, 2005.  Look at those eyes!  Reminds me of Elisabeth's eyes when she was a baby!


Elisabeth said...

wow. Birth days make me an emotional wreck and this picture says why!!! I just want to kiss those little cheeks over and over! And Abigail looks a lot like her.

jessicaday said...

Wow! Tell me that doesn't look just like Abigail!

"Gram" said...

Happy belated birthday to Hannah! (Liz's blog doesn't like me: it won't let me leave comments so I just do it here. ;) )