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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun for Kara and Day 2 of VBS

Today Kara and I went to the lake to feed the ducks.  That is always a MUST DO activity when she and the other grandkids visit!  I was dreading it since the heat is just terrible this summer!  But, the LORD blessed us with a nice breeze under the picnic shelter.............where the ducks were gathered, too!  And the ones who weren't there when we arrived were there soon enough!  Here's some pictures of our activities of the day.

We packed a picnic lunch to at the lake.  I asked Kara which she wanted to do or feed the ducks.  Of course feeding the ducks was a priority!  One box of cheerios fed about 50 ducks and Canada geese.  There were so many ducks that the geese didn't really get much!

 Kara got a kick out of the white ducks who were totally not afraid!

 There were even some black ducks there.
 I managed to feed this Canada goose a few cheerios from my hand.

 Time to eat!   Kara ate a whole peanut butter and honey sandwich........except for a bit of crust to feed the ducks!  Also most of a bag of gold fish.  The "crumbs" went to the ducks!

 These Hibiscus flowers were HUGE!

 We walked down to the dock, where the ducks has retreated to the water.  I was smart and took an umbrella today.  Kara wanted to play on the playground after we ate but I told her that the equipment would have been too hot to play on.  There were no other kids playing, either, so I know that is why. 
 After we got back to the house, we "played" Kerplunk!  Mainly we just messed around!
 I fixed stir fry and rice for dinner tonight.  Kara came running into the kitchen and said, "Do I smell rice?"  I said yes and she told me she LOVED rice!  Either plain or with butter!  So after her bath she wanted rice with butter on it.  She didn't eat very much of it, however!

Here she is waiting with papaw for the kids to show up for VBS.
 Papaw gave her some pennies for the penny contest.
 I LOVE to see the kids running with excitement to VBS!
 The kids were disappointed they didn't get to go out and play some last night, so we made sure they got to tonight during snack time!
 Kara did as well as the older kids with the bean bag toss!
 She never made a guess tonight.  I couldn't help her, either, because I'm the one who knows what's in the mystery box this year!
Her craft tonight was binoculars made out of toilet paper tubes.  She bought the yellow wrist band with a Fast Buck she earned!

I read her a book after she got dressed for bed and turned her music on and told her I would be up for awhile to post this to the blog.  She said OK and within 5 minutes she was gone!  She is having a great time!  Everyone is amazed at the change in her from the first year she was with us in VBS in 2009.  That year she would not go to class but stayed with me in my class.  This year, she is on her own and having a great time!  She's got the routine down!  We are so glad she got to stay and do our VBS again this year............and we sure miss the other grandkids not being here, too!  Maybe next year!

Til tomorrow...........................


Anonymous said...

You're such an awesome grandma! Kara looks like she's having a blast! My kids mentioned yesterday that they missed you. Said you were so much fun and they learned so much from you. Thank you SO much for teaching my kids!!!