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Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Pool and Lake Fun

We stopped by the other pool today, but their pump was not working, so no one was allowed in the pool.  So, we ended up at the regular pool.  At 2:30 we headed for home so I could fix chicken for dinner............except that when we got home, I found that I had stuck the chicken in the freezer instead of the fridge!  After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, we went to the lake.  We actually did more at the house when we got back, but I'll explain the day as I move through the pictures.  Enjoy today's review!

We normally start off in the kiddie pool and the water park, but today we started off in the big pool for Michael.  Here's some pictures of the kids doing cannon balls from the edge of the pool.

 I love this one of Ryan looking at me to make sure I was watching him!

 I told the kids to all jump at the same time.  Ryan ended up doing a dive instead.  The life guard warned him about diving in the 3 ft. section.
 We went back and forth between kiddie pool, water park and big pool.  These are from the water park.  This was such a good picture of Hannah that I wanted to get Ryan on, too.  Of course, he didn't want to!
 We finally got Ryan to get on, but I didn't get a good picture before the tower toppled!
 Right before we got ready to leave, I told the kids to wrap the towels around them and sit in the sun to get rid of some of the water and dry off a bit.  Hannah and Ryan wanted to spread their towels out and lay on them instead.
 So, we got home and changed out of wet clothes and then I went to the kitchen to start fixing the chicken.  I poured the oil into the frying pan, poured flour into a bag to shake the chicken in and went to the fridge to get the chicken, only to discover that I had put it in the fridge.  Hannah was in the kitchen to help me so I said, "I'm in trouble, Hannah!  The chicken is frozen!  What are we going to fix now for dinner?"  She said, "What about fixing breakfast with eggs and biscuits and gravy?"  I told her that was an excellent idea!  So, I cut up potatoes for hash browns and then broke the eggs so she could scramble them.  It turned out to be a delicious meal! 
 After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and got the dish washer started and we went to the lake to feed the ducks and let the kids play on the play ground.  As we walked toward the shelter where we fed the ducks a couple of days ago, this little guy was enjoying his dinner!
 Someone else was on the dock feeding the ducks, so we walked down to the water's edge.  The ducks ate a few of the cheerios, but for the most part, they didn't eat any.  The kids ate most of the cheerios this time!
 When we headed back to the play ground, the kids threw cheerios to the squirrel.  He ate them!  As a matter of fact, I told them to stand still and throw the cheerios to him and he started getting closer and closer to them.  They sat down on this log to feed him. 
 As he grabbed the cheerios, he stepped back closer to the tree to eat it.
 This was a funny way to eat the cheerios!
 I wasn't able to get this close, but I got a good shot with the zoom.
 Finally, I told the kids to go to the play ground.  There were a few kids there tonight, which Hannah and Ryan immediately started playing with.  One kid even shook the kids' hands as they were sharing their names and meeting one another.  I thought that was very interesting!  Probably a preacher's kid!  :D
 Michael and I played on the swings for a bit, but other than that, we just watched the other kids.

 Michael did finally decide to climb around on the jungle gym for a bit.
 Before we left, we tried to find the frisbee to take with us to the lake.  When we got back home, Hannah found it, so I put Hannah and Ryan in the tub to play, opened up the bathroom window so I could hear them and went out to throw frisbee with Michael and papaw.
As we were going in, the full moon was beginning to come out from behind the clouds but I didn't catch it and the kids were ready to get out of the tub, so I didn't hang around for it to come out of the clouds.
After getting Ryan and Hannah out of the tub, we played Go Fish and then I read them a book that Michael had picked out and then it was bed time!  And, the same for me, so nite, nite until tomorrow..................


jessicaday said...

Is it just me or does hannah look like jessica on michaels back? Two pretty girls! :

Elisabeth said...

I always have to remind Ryan not to dive...