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Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day at the Pool

Let's see.  Today started at 8 with breakfast, cartoons, e-mail and dishes and various other activities, including but not limited to crafts, games, bed-making, laundry and general cleaning up!  Since we spent several hours at the pool, we took showers when we got home and then we went to McDonalds for dinner, got some milk and ice cream and then went to the Assisted Living services where a devotion is given and LOTS of singing is done.  The kids were all very well behaved and the older folks always love seeing kids!  The plan for tomorrow is feeding the ducks at the lake and enjoying a picnic lunch.  Here's some pictures of our little fish and other activities from the day.

Hannah started out playing with the foam beads but then decided she wanted to write a story and draw a picture to go along with the story.  She drew a picture of a pond with grass all around it.  And her story reads:  "I went to the pond one bay (she still gets her "b" and "d" backwards) and i cot to fish. and I wun a spric.  I Loveed it.  But I love my home!"  She came to me and asked me how to spell "cot" and I immediately thought of a cot you lay in, but as you can see, that was the wrong one!

 We arrived at the pool around 12:45.  The "toddler" pool area was totally empty!  And not many people were at the "water park" area, either!  Actually, the olympic pool was not crowded, either.  I don't know what the deal was, but it was nice not having people on top of you!  I lathered everyone in sun screen and off they went!  They wanted me to get in the pool, too.  I told them I was going to take pictures before I got wet.
 Hannah sitting on the bottom.
 They didn't stay in the kiddie area for very long.  I think the water was too warm.  I could tell a big difference in the pool water and the water in this area.  Don't know what the difference was as this area is only 1.6 ft deep at it's deepest.

 I had fun watching Ryan running through the water.

 This picture made me think of a jelly fish.
 Michael acting goofy for a picture, as always!  We finally went over to the bigger pool.  Hannah and Ryan had to wear life jackets.  It wasn't long before they decided they wanted to go back to the kiddie pool so they didn't have to wear the life jackets, but I said they had to stay and play in the big pool for awhile.  I was sitting along the edge, not really wanting to get in..............until Michael did 2 HUGE cannon ball jumps right in front of me and soaked me from head to toe!  So, I ended up getting in.  I was glad I did.  The water was not cold at all!
 We got back to the house at around 3:45.  Everyone (except Tim) took showers to get ready for the church service.  But first we went to Walmart and ate at McDonalds inside Walmart, then got the milk and ice cream to eat after the church service.  These 2 pictures are at the Assisted Living facility.
 Tim puts the piano on auto pilot to let the residents know that the service is about to begin.
 Ryan fell asleep about half an hour into the service.  The singing didn't even stir him.
 I had Hannah and Ryan get on the pig out in front of the building.  I forget what the pig represents or why it is even there.  It is so out of place, to my way of thinking.
 When we got back home, I noticed the sky behind the church as the sun was setting.  LOVE the colors!
 Once the kids got dressed for bed, it was time to settle down...................or not!

Hannah had asked me earlier if she could call her mommy, so after she finished talking to her, Ryan talked to mommy and daddy.  Soon, I made them all clean up the pillows and I made the beds, read a story to them and they were in bed by 9:45.  This time it was Hannah who asked if I was going to bed, too.  My answer was the same to her as it had been to Kara last week.............."No, I'm going to post pictures on my blog for your mommy."  So, there you are!  More tomorrow.....................


Elisabeth said...

I'm glad you got in the pool, also! I hate when you stand out there in the heat while we all swim!