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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time to Rest...........

Today being Tim's normal day off, we decided to go ahead and make our usual runs to the thrift store.  Kara was not exactly thrilled at the idea but when she wanted to take Simon the Snake and we agreed she could, she was not so opposed to the idea, especially when she learned we would be stopping at Pizza Hut for lunch!  When we got back home, Tim and I worked on 5 1/2 more quarts more of tomatoes for the freezer.  Since the VBS pictures would probably not be any different than what you have already seen this week, I decided to go ahead and post some pictures since I don't have any energy to do anything else................

Kara in the back seat with Simon the Snake (named by papaw).

 Here was a $0.49 find that Kara wanted to paint for my flower garden!
 She added gold paint for the letters across the center.  Then I outlined the letters with a marker.
Yesterday Kara fell asleep right before church, so today I told her I wanted her to rest for an hour.  I set the timer on the oven so she would know when the hour was up.  I thought she might fall asleep, but I just heard her up, so I had to remind her she was supposed to be resting.

Here is our best find of the day............a baby toboggan.  Won't Abigail look soooooooooooooo sweet sitting in this!  We could NOT pass it up for.................$1.99!!!!!!!!!!  Liz, I'll have it with me when I pick up the kids this weekend!  If you don't want it you can give it to Jessica.  Sawyer will probably be too big for it, but the new baby might be able to use it in the late winter months!
 Get a load of these shoes!  Would you pay $10 for these, Brad or Terry or Michael?  I won't ask Nat..........I would be afraid he would say yes!  :D    WOW!!!  There are just some things that are NOT meant to be PURPLE!!!  These would fit the NOT category, if you asked me!  :D
However, I did spy a beautiful pair of BLACK wing tips for Tim for $5.99!  They fit him perfectly!  Now, THAT was a good deal for Dexters!

Until tomorrow....................


Elisabeth said...

several things...
Remember the video I put on fb last week of Brad and Ryan about running over me with the sled last year?! Be looking for another one this winter only Abigail will be on that sled! =) I can't wait to get her in it!
Also, Nat would absolutely say yes to those shoes for $10!

jessicaday said...

I make her have "quiet time" just about every day, so I'm glad you are too. Resting, napping, watching cartoons, whatever - as long as you get a little break. Take care of yourself - you have a big week ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

I always did "rest time" for my kids when they quit "napping" too. That sled is SOOO cute! And the shoes...well....they are interesting! LOL