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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Stove

We did our usual thrift store stops and lunch, then we went to Lowe's, Sears and H.H. Gregg to compare pricing on new ovens.  Hard to believe, but the parsonage oven has only one working element and the top burners have always given me fits!  You cannot have 2 on HI at the same time!  So, when the bottom oven element died, Tim brought it before the church and they OK'd the purchase of a new oven.  Boy, am I going to miss the 40" stove with 10" of storage along the side!  Oh well!  It really isn't safe anymore.  The insulation is gone and I'm surprised it has not caught the cabinets on fire!  So, I had looked on the internet at HH Gregg pricing, so I had a general idea of what it was going to cost.  HH Gregg said they would beat their competitors' price.  Best Buy had the oven for $594.99 vs theirs at $599.99.  So, in order to beat their price, she took $15 off of $594.99.  She gave us the electric cord, which is $14.99.  Delivery is $69.99 and they haul away the old stove for a $3 NC disposal charge.  The $69.99 will be sent to us as a refund on a visa card that we can use anywhere!  Here is what will be delivered next Wednesday when we get back from the Bible conference and Tim's mom's house with lay-overs at Liz's house!


Whirlpool 30" Smoothtop SteamClean Electric Range
Range features the AccuBake® temperature management system to monitor oven temperature for consistent cooking results. SteamClean option spot cleans your oven interior in less than 30 minutes. Hidden bake element creates smooth easy-to-clean surface.  I believe it has a self-cleaning feature, too, which is the high temperature cleaning method.


Elisabeth said...

it looks like ours, minus the self cleaning part...

jessicaday said...

That looks just like ours too! I'm happy for you!!

"Gram" said...

I have a similar Maytag version that we bought 2 years ago. I absolutely love it!

We just bought a new refrigerator and it will be delivered next Tuesday. After 20 years our old one decided not to be dependable anymore. Wonder if they sell "Depends" for refrigerators since leaking water everywhere during the defrost cycle is a big part of its problem?!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted a smooth top! Maybe whenever mine dies. It's fifteen years old, so I guess it could go at any time!