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Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Week +

It has been a week since I posted here.  I've been busy designing kits for the store at Faith Sisters for September.  I haven't done any real designing in a couple of months, but I got lots done this week!  That is the main reason I have not posted anything here.

So, on to the pictures of our week + in WV to Cincinnati to WV to NC.

As you recall we were headed to a Bible Conference near Flatwoods, WV on August 18th, so that is where my story in pictures begins.  Actually, I'll begin by showing you a picture of the sky the day of Hurricane Irene.  We were under clouds most of the day.  Finally, at approx. 5:15, we got a heavy down pour which lasted about 15 minutes and that was the extent of our weather "problems" from Irene.

Thursday, Aug. 18 - The Bible Conference we were going to supplies the hotel for those who come from long distances.  And, on Saturday and Sunday of the conference they supply the noon meal.  Dinner is on your own and breakfast was at the hotel.  So, knowing this, we tried to conserve on the food buying as much as possible.  Even though we did not need gas, we made our regular Wytheville, VA stop, only this time it was for a $5 footlong sub from Subway.  I had packed chips and snacks and drinks, so the sandwich was all we needed.  We ate in the car.  For dinner, we went to KFC and bought a bucket of chicken and sides to last us for our evening meals.  The hotel had a microwave in the vending machine area right across from our room!  And we had a fridge in the room, so it was a perfect deal!  We even had chicken, etc left to take back to Liz's and share!
Saturday, August 20 -  The Bible Conference was very well attended each day.  And the messages were wonderful!  This picture was taken Saturday of the preachers that were present.
 This church is out in the "sticks."  Very pretty setting!  To the right of the church you can see the fellowship hall where we they served the lunches.
 This is to show you that the church sits up on a hill and most people had to park down along the road.
 Sunday, August 21 - The "white-out" in this picture is where I was trying to capture the fog over at the Flatwoods shopping area, but the sun was too bright.
 But, I did get a good picture of the fog from that morning, in the hills beyond the shopping.
 On Sunday, Tim preached at Grace Baptist Church in Buchannon, WV.  It is a mission work that we support monthly.  Since we were at the conference, the pastor invited Tim to stay over and preach on Sunday.  This is a picture of the church.  The plot of ground shown on the left of the church is going to be purchased by the church.  They own the land around it and behind it already.
 I snapped this picture during the closing prayer.  We were on our way next to the pastor's house for a church dinner.  Normally after that would be the afternoon service, but the Pastor was going to have to leave at 2 and travel to Ohio to preach, so we traveled on over to Liz and family's house to go to church with them and spend the night.
 Monday, August 22 - Hannah is ready for school!
 They sure love their baby sister!

 Hannah wanted me to put her hair in pony tails, which is a task mommy just can't get done these days (wonder why?)  :D
 Precious baby feet!
 Ryan playing with his moon sand.  Love his sweet smile!
 I sure miss living close to Liz!
 We left at 8 am to travel to Tim's mom's house to fix her computer.  She had accidentally hit a combination of keys with the control key and her screen went blank.  Tim took it back how it was at the factory, then he had to update everything.  Five hours later, he had everything working.......except her printer.  And we headed back to WV.
 It took me forever to get a half-way decent picture of a hummer feeding at Tim's mom's house.
 Mom and son.
 Tim wanted to get food to eat on the go, so we stopped at White Castles in Batavia.  It had been FOREVER since we had eaten one of their sliders!  I thought for sure that it would give me heartburn!  But, I'm happy to report that they did not!
 Wednesday, August 24th - The new stove was delivered today............with a dent!  So, the store gave us $100 off if we would keep it.  Good deal, Lucille!  Especially since it turns out that the dent is up next to the cabinet and won't be seen, anyway!  Thank You, LORD!
 Thursday, August 25 - I found this car seat cover at the thrift store for $2.99.  Jessica said JJ Coleman Collections, which is what it is, was a good brand.  I looked it up on line and see that it costs $39.95.  I would call $2.99 a GREAT, FANTASTIC deal!  And baby Jones will be nice and snuggly warm in his car seat this winter!
OK, that's it for me.  It's bedtime!


Elisabeth said...

I can not believe you put that pic of me and you on here. I look retarded! Also, when BRad saw the white castle trash he said he wished he had known you were going to be stopping there cuz he would have had you bring him somthing back! That and Skyline are our two must haves when we go to Cincy!