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Monday, August 1, 2011

We LOVE Vacation Bible School!.........................

Yep!  Today was the first day of VBS!  It turned out to be a good time, as usual!  It is great to see the kids having so much fun "learning Bible stories and the other things we do!"  The first night always seems a little crazy as we try to get everyone used to the routine....singing, pledges, crafts/class, snack/games/VBS store, class/crafts, singing, skit, singing, mystery box guesses, VBS store, home!  WHEW!  It's a LOT of activity!  But, the busier you keep them, the better it is for everyone!

After the family left yesterday, and we had church, Tim, Kara and I basically crashed!  Tim was in bed by 10 and Kara and I followed very soon!  Kara and I, so far, have always shared a bed when she stays with us.  We talked for a few minutes and then we were both out!  I woke up around 7 this morning, laid there til 8 and decided I couldn't lay there any longer.  Kara finally woke up around 9:30 (not too long after I flashed the camera in her face)!  :D  Just couldn't help myself!

Kara drank her chocolate milk while waking up with Sponge Bob and while I was cleaning up the kitchen and some of the house.  Then we got dressed and went to the fellowship hall to work to get ready for VBS.  We took a break around 11:30 and went to Mickey D's for lunch, then worked some more.  I gave Kara some toilet paper tubes to take home to Max, the gerbil.  She was THRILLED!!  Also, while cutting up some of the cardboard for VBS props, she wanted all the "spare parts" for Max.  Here she is taking some of it to the house to add to the toilet paper tube bag.  I told her Max was going to have so much cardboard that he was going to throw a party!  So, she has been saying that off and on when she adds just a bit more to her collection!  :D

I got to thinking while trimming up the cardboard props that maybe the magic marker and paint would not be good for Max to be chewing around on, so I told Kara that the cardboard pieces should probably be trimmed.  So, when she can sit still for a few minutes, she does some trimming.  She sure loves her Max and doesn't want anything to happen to him!

I told Kara I would let her type something to her mommy and daddy, so I will let her type and then I will "interpret" what she said.


OK, she says......................kara day i love you.  (her finger was a little heavy on the "a" in her name).  She said she just put the "r" for love.  She "bought" balloons with her VBS bucks tonight.  She has been playing with them ever since!

Well, here's a few VBS pictures for you to enjoy.

 We had 15 kids tonight.  Some of them were still in class when I took this picture.

 Kara blowing up one of her balloons she bought.

The "front" of the VBS room showing the main prop and prizes and mystery box and items for the "store."

The balloons were a hit with the kids!  They can earn Fast Bucks for attendance, bringing a friend, memory verses, bringing their Bible, winning some of the games, etc.

Ashley, the hot rod queen and her passenger, Jake, who is scared to death!

Ashley "Speed Bump" during the skit.  She is an auto mechanic who LOVES racing!
Tim is threatening to use these in the pulpit!

OK, nite, nite, till tomorrow!


jessicaday said...

Thank you so much for the post. And for taking such good care of Kara. :-)

Elisabeth said...

How many kids did you have? We only had like 15!! And that might be a high estimation! I have those signs that dad is holding for my classroom!

"Gram" said...

Our VBS was in June and it seems like summer disappeared soon afterward! Hope the Lord continues to bless your week.