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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bible Conference

We left the house at 10 this morning to travel to WV for the Voice in the Wilderness Bible Conference near Flatwoods.  We stopped at the usual place in Wytheville, VA for gas and got a $5 sub to split from Subway and ate in the car.  We had our own chips and drinks, so with the sandwich we were all set!  Our favorite sub is the Spicy Italian on Italian Herb and Cheese bread.  Tim adds tomatoes to his half and I add banana peppers to my half.  We get lettuce, onions, pickles, pepper jack cheese on all with sweet onion sauce and oregano, salt and pepper sprinkled on.  YUM!  I think my favorite part is the bread!  :D  So, it was 12 when we stopped and gassed up and ate.  It was 3 approx. when we arrived at the hotel in Flatwoods.  The conference didn't start til 6 pm. Before we had to leave, we went to KFC and got a 12 piece meal with 3 large sides so we could put left overs in the fridge in our room and eat again tomorrow night before the services.  The church is going to take care of lunch and we will be free for the afternoon tomorrow.  No evening services.  We are staying here Saturday night, too, because Tim is preaching for our Missionary in Buchannan, WV on Sunday.  There will be the morning service, lunch and then the afternoon service immediately following lunch.  Then we will be on our way to Liz's house to spend the night.  Then on Monday we will travel to Cincinnati area to Tim's mom's house to work on her computer, travel back to Liz's Monday evening, spend the night and then come home on Tuesday.  That's the plan, man!  Busy and lots of miles on the car!  I have some pictures, but I didn't bring the cord to take them from the camera to the computer.  I'll have to post them after we get home!  So, if I don't get a chance to post anything else you know what we are doing!  :D 


jessicaday said...

I sure wish you had a need to stay over our house on the way to something! But, I'm happy for Liz and you guys. And I'm happy for you that you can go with Tim on these things - I know that's what you've always wanted to do. :-) God is so good!

"Gram" said...

May you have safe, happy, and blessed travels!