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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lazy But Busy Day

I told the kids that today was going to be a lazy day.  But, it turned out to be fairly busy.  The bedding didn't even get folded up from the living room floor.  The main thing I could not get by without doing was groceries.  We needed milk and meat and veggies.  So, we headed out to get groceries.  While out, I wanted to find some play money for playing store with.  I also wanted to check out the price of the pool closer to us.  Turns out we couldn't find any play money anywhere!  The pool closer to us would cost the same as the one we usually go to.  The difference would be if Hannah and Ryan were not required to wear life vests at the closer pool.  But, when we stopped there was no one available to ask.  We did find out the pool doesn't open til 11:30 due to free swimming lessons this pool provides.  So, when we go tomorrow, I'll find out if the kids have to wear the life vests.  If they do, we will go back to the other pool we normally go to as it is a much bigger pool.  Enjoy today's pictures!

Of course, one of our stops today ended up being Walmart in search of the play money.  Instead of the play money, I found this little sprinkler toy marked down to $3.  They really didn't play in it as long as I thought they would.  Michael wasn't thrilled with it at all.  Can't say I blame him.  There is no comparison to a pool!

 I had started on a jar of salsa yesterday but didn't get it finished before we left for dinner.  So, while the kids were playing in the sprinkler, I finished it.  Looks pretty yummy to me!
 Back outside to watch the kids play in the sprinkler.  Hannah is balancing on her touche.  I never could do that!  You'd think as big as my touche is that it would be no problem!  Not so much!
 Jumping Jacks.
 Ryan liked to run straddle-legged around the sprinkler.
 Finally, they decided to dry off a bit.
 Then they both posed for me.

 When it was time for church tonight, it sprinkled some and we stepped out to go to Bible Club and saw a beautiful double rainbow.  But, of course, by the time I got the camera, the double arch above this one was gone.  There turned out to be no kids other than Hannah, Ryan and Michael at church tonight.  They said, "Does this mean we can go back home?"  I disappointed them!  :D  They were so good during class that I gave them a snack.
 After we got back home, we played store with the play money I made and printed out on scrapbook paper.  Here is Hannah the Clerk.  She only charged me $5 for the items I purchased.
 Michael was a thief!  He took the rest of my money for the few items I got!
Then Hannah decided she wanted to watch "America's Got Talent" I believe is what she told me was on TV.  So Michael, Ryan and I played some Go Fish.  Ryan tired of that pretty soon and decided to watch a cartoon DVD.  Then papaw joined us and Hannah watched cartoons with Ryan til time for bed.  I told them they could watch cartoons in bed............if they did not play and were quiet.  You guessed it, I had to turn the cartoons off and separate them from playing!  :D
That's all for today!  Time for bed!  Until tomorrow.....................