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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Catching up From the Week

My feet hurt tonight!  I've been cooking, cleaning and doing laundry today.  Kara played so well by herself while I got my work partially caught up.  I took some time in between batches of this and loads of that (cooking/laundry) to play with her.  Then during her resting period, I got my SS lesson finished.  After dinner she took a notion to play with Rosa, which she has not done all week.  So, I did some more cooking and cleaned up the kitchen.  During part of her bath I folded some laundry in the bathroom to be with her.  I asked her if she wanted me to straighten her hair again tonight.  "Sure!"  she said!  Then it was time to read and lights out.  She asked if I was going to stay up again and I told her that I was because I had more work to do and wanted to put pictures of what we did today on the blog.  She is really looking forward to our trip to get Hannah and Ryan tomorrow!  She shows no interest in Michael, however, probably because he is twice her age.  She did ask how long we would have to travel!  :D  Here's today's pictures.

We both slept in pretty late today.....9:30!  While I was cleaning up my e-mail and after she drank her chocolate milk, she wanted to call mommy.  She walks around the whole time she is talking to her!

 While I was working, she wanted to take her bubbles that she bought with her VBS Fast Bucks outside.  I told her she could as long as she stayed right out by the door.  I got a bit paranoid about her being out there by herself after a total of maybe 5 minutes, so I went to check on her and took the camera with me.  There she was just having fun blowing bubbles.  After a few pictures I went back in the house and popped by the door in another 5 minutes to find her sitting on the stoop blowing bubbles until her bubble liquid was about gone.  Then she came back into the house.
 At 1:10 I told her I wanted her to take an hour to rest beginning at 1:30.  In about 5 minutes, she announced she was going to go ahead and begin her rest.  She got pretty quiet so I checked on her and found her laying on top of the couch pillows she had stacked.  She looked pretty comfortable and she reminded me of The Princess and the Pea fairy tale.
 After her rest, we played with the hot wheels track we bought for the VBS races, which we ended up not using since Mark had bought a bunch of track off e-bay with all the start and finish tools we needed for the races.  When I took this picture, she said, "Did you take a picture of my pit?"
 She collected all the balls and a few cars from our toys, added her cars she got during VBS and papaw gave us the 3 cars he is going to give to Hannah, Ryan and Michael when they get here.  Balls and cars were raced down the track.  She would send them down the track and I caught them in a clothes basket.  Then I would put them all in her book bag she has with her and take them all to her where she would empty everything into an oatmeal box that I painted with Noah's Ark decor.  Then she would empty the oatmeal box and send everything down the track again.  This went on and on and on and on..............until I had to fix dinner.
 Bath time was earlier tonight so she could be in bed earlier.  She sure stands patiently while working on her hair.  Of course, I have lots of ear ring boxes sitting right there on a shelf for her to mess in, etc, too!

I showed her how straight her hair was as I held this mirror at the right angle for her to see.  Then she tried to hold the mirror the same way.  Papaw teased her that all the boys were going to be looking at her beautiful hair tomorrow!  She just grinned!
Have a blessed day in the LORD's house tomorrow!  Until then....................