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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Few Tears Shed is Allowed.....................

All of the little munchkins are safe and sound with family once again.  Alas, the summer is gone and school begins Monday, for some!  When I finally have to say our last goodbyes for awhile, I always get teary-eyed.  I know, Liz..........don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened..................I'm smiling through tears, OK?  :P

So far I haven't found one thing that I forgot to pack up!  Unlike with Kara last week, nothing major forgotten, but still forgotten!  But I worked all day yesterday trying to make sure I didn't forget anything!  The kids all slept on the floor in the living room last night so Tim and I could have OUR bed back as I washed the bed linens of the guest room.  We sleep in the guest room when we have the kids over so Tim can go about his daily business and the kids can sleep longer.  When Tim got up at 7 this morning, I was awake with a headache.  I got some excedrine and laid back down, but could not go to sleep, so I got back up 10 minutes later and got my shower and began the final packing of the kids' bags.  Perfect!  All clothes cleaned and folded...........except for the pjs that Hannah was wearing.  The boys always just sleep in their underwear.

We left at 10 to drive 2 hours to meet Liz, Brad and Abigail in Princeton, WV at Bob Evans for lunch.  Then it was back home to do some more laundry and straighten the house and get ready for SS tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures!

Now that I'm looking at this picture, I see 2 things wrong........can you pick them out?

 First thing Ryan wanted to do was give his baby sister a kiss.  So sweet!
 First thing Hannah wanted to do was hold her baby sister!  So sweet!  They both sure love that precious little girl!
 LOVE this picture!
 Abigail is such a cutie!
 She loves the little Elmo I gave her, probably because he is BRIGHT red!
OK, Liz!  This one is for you.  Wanted you to see the HUGE stuffed dogs Hannah and Ryan picked out at the thrift store this week!  The brown one is Hannah's and the blue one is Ryan's.  Ryan really wanted to take his home but I told him he was too big and he needed to stay here where he would have him when he came back to my house.
OK.  That's all Folks!  Sure is quiet around here!  :D


jessicaday said...

I saw Ryan doesn't have his seat belt on, but I couldn't figure out the other thing wrong with that picture.
Thanks for being such an awesome Grandma. Now enjoy your quiet house. You earned it! :-)

Stephanie said...

We came up with Ryan in no seatbelt and Michael's is under is arm. Is that right???