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Friday, August 5, 2011

Kara's Bugs and Day 5 of VBS

The day started around 8:30 for Kara and I today.  I had a headache when I woke up, so I just laid there til Kara finally roused.  She proceeded to the living room to watch Sponge Bob and drink her chocolate milk.  I caught up on e-mail, etc, then remembered some other things I needed to get done for VBS tonight.  Kara played by herself, patiently waiting for mamaw to finish so I could play with her.  We did manage to get a couple of hours in today.  Some spent playing "pretend" with animals and some time outside.  She has changed so much since February when she stayed about 3 days with us.  At that time, she needed me to go to bed at the same time as her.  If I didn't, she would end up crying and I would have to quit my catch-up time on the computer and go to bed to make her stop crying.  This time (so far) when I give her kisses and hugs good night and she asks if I'm staying up or going to bed, she is OK when I tell her I have to post some pictures on my blog for her mommy to see.  Tonight as I left the bedroom she said, "See you in the morning!"  Here's some pictures from our day.

Tim spotted this HUGE "ant" and came in the house to get Kara and I so we could see it.  Isn't it beautiful?  God's creation just amazes me!  I had never ever seen this little creature before today...........have you?  I love the internet for finding out information on stuff like this.  Would you believe that this is NOT an ant?  Nope!  It is a wingless female wasp!  Just beautiful!  You can read (a very short report) about her HERE.

 We captured it in this little jelly jar.  Kara added some sticks and a leaf that she found.  And she kept opening the lid to allow it to breathe.  After we found out about it, we decided to let it go and not kill it.
 So, now that the bug jar was empty, Kara wanted to look for more bugs.  Well, it was a very slight drizzle that we looked for bugs in.  Of course, we couldn't find any bugs anywhere!  She stopped by papaw's Venus fly traps to see if any of them had captured any bugs.
 After walking around to the front of the house, we went behind the church buildings and then down the edge of the yard in search of bugs.  Never did find any.
 So, we played with ladder ball for awhile.  She threw a couple of times but then decided that she would let me throw all the time while she fetched them and brought them back to me!
 Every afternoon Kara asked how much longer til time for VBS.  She just LOVES it!  Papaw told her how proud he was of her at how well she did at VBS!  She grinned from ear to ear!
 Here she is opening the door to hold for everyone as they arrived.
 She greeted everyone with a sweet smile!
 Not very many kids came back tonight.  And there were no volunteers to help with the pledges.  So I suggested the adults volunteer.  First time for everything!
 Penny counters/wrappers.  Inflation hit the penny collection this year!
 Construction of the race track for the hot wheels races tonight.
 Everyone raced to see which car from opposing teams would win.  This is Kara's car that won.  You can't see her for the girl in the blue shirt being in front of her at the top of the track.
 Here she is standing in the winners' "circle!"
 Her car just barely lost on the 2nd go around.
 The teachers handed out awards to all of the kids.  Kara received the Powerful Smile Award and the Winner's Circle Award.
 Right before time to go home, everyone spent the last of the Fast Bucks they had earned.  By now, the "store" was down to the stuff that no one would take the rest of the week.  What a fun and exhausting week it was!
Since VBS wasn't over til 9 each night, it was always time for bed as soon as we got back to the house.  Kara would change into her night shirt and find a book for me to read.  Then brush teeth, go to potty and slip on her pull-up for the night, kiss papaw good night and then me and then she would turn on her music.  In about 5 minutes after I left the room, she is gone!  Nitey nite, Kara and nitey nite to all of you.....
.....until tomorrow.


jessicaday said...

What a beautiful post! I had to go back and reread it twice. :-)
I'm so glad Kara has grown and changed for the better since just February. I'm so proud of that girl!