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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Trip to the Lake

Well, today was the day for the lake and feeding the ducks.  I was going to pack a lunch to eat there, but with as hot as it has been, I didn't feel like eating there.  So we left early to get there before it got too hot.  We went to Walmart for the Cheerios and then headed to the lake.  When the ducks saw us walking toward the picnic shelter, they started coming.  This is always a favorite activity for kids.  It was for mine and is for the grandkids.  We plan to go back again later this week in the evening to feed them when it is cooler and so the kids can play on the playground without dying in the heat!

 Hannah is a bit afraid of the ducks, especially if they come at her.  I think I remember that she got "nibbled" on last year!  She is heading for shelter in this picture.
 Now, here's a smart little duck who hung around after all the others were gone and cleaned up on the cheerios that had been missed by the others.
 The lake looked so nice!  I would love to have had a boat to take the kids out on the lake for a stroll!
 Do you see who I see?
 I had the kids get on the bench.  Michael scoffed at the idea.  I told him he didn't have to look at he didn't!  I think the shadows messed with the camera because this is not really a good picture at all.  It is pretty blurry.
 This is a great picture of Hannah, but, again the picture is all blurry!
 Ryan found a millipede under some rocks.  Nasty looking things!
 A couple of guys were fishing off the other two docks, but weren't catching anything.  I thought this picture turned out pretty good.  I sat the camera on the railing of the dock, set the timer and told the kids when to say cheese!
 We saw this dragon fly stuck in a spider's web, so we freed it.
 I love these birds!  They are just beautiful against the natural background!
 LOVE these little flowers growing beside the dock near the water.  It looks to me like the little yellow bulb is where the pretty little yellow petals springs forth from.
 Hannah saw a raccoon track in the cement.  She put her hand down and I called Ryan to come and do the same.
 After we got back from the lake it was nearly 11:30, so we ate lunch and got ready to go to the thrift stores today instead of Thursday because I got a Chili's coupon in my e-mail for the kids to eat free and it was only valid for today.  What a deal!  So I guess on Thursday, Tim will do his regular work.  Ryan wanted to snuggle with papaw because he was cold in the restaurant.
 I couldn't let papaw have all the fun!  So Hannah and Michael snuggled up next to me.
 After we got home I baked some (and burned some) cookies for the men's meeting tonight.  Then we all went outside to play.  They chose to play croquet.  But by the time I got everything set up, Hannah and Ryan decided they didn't want to play.  So Michael and I played a couple of games without them.
 As rickety as they are, Hannah and Ryan still love playing on the swings hanging from a clothes line prop.
 Rosa got some attention today!
Basically the last thing we did for the evening was take all the hot wheels track outside and race the cars down it.  I originally bought the track for the 4 of us to have races with, but then we decided to try hooking all the track together instead and make one long track.  It got dark pretty quickly, but they had a blast!
We gathered the track and cars and headed inside for some ice cream, then story time and then bed time!  Until tomorrow...........................


Elisabeth said...

I was telling Brad last night that I got an email from Chili's saying kids eat free today and that it would have been nice to have the kids so we could use it. =) Glad you got to enjoy it, tho!