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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday already?  What a zippity do dah of a week!  Tomorrow is laundry day and cleaning the man's bathroom for me.....and then the week begins all over again!  What will you be doing tomorrow?

Today's Project Life 365 prompt is SIGNATURE.  I wrote my signature on a piece of paper and then realized that is definitely NOT something I wanted to post for the world to see!  So, instead I took a picture of the paper I signed, LOL!

I also took a picture of the art journaling page I had started a few days ago that I told you I would post a picture of.  I finished it last night and it is below.  Below it I give a brief description of how I "created" it.

For those of you who know that our pianist had open heart surgery this week to repair two valves, we saw her this morning again and she is doing GREAT!  She was moved to a regular room late Wednesday (her surgery was Tuesday, mind you!).  The Lord has answered prayer on her behalf just so marvelously!  Praise His name!  She will probably get to go home on Sunday!  I guess we will still have to sing acapella for a while, however!  But, knowing Sharon, I would almost bet she will be playing that piano a week from Sunday!

So, here are the steps to doing this spread:
1.  Brushed the blue on, leaving a space for the yellow.  Dried it with a heat gun.
2.  Finger painted the yellow in, overlapping the blue on the edges.  Dried it with a heat gun.
3.  Used Molding Paste to create the cross.  Left it all to dry over night.
4.  Painted the heart. Dried it with a heat gun.
5.  Added the stenciling of the verse in red.
6.  Added the white stenciling.
7.  Wrote (with fine permanent marker) the words around the cross and all the other black writing.
8.  Traced around some of the white stenciling on the yellow to define it and make it more visible.
9.  Stamped the hearts around the cross.
10.Final step, sprayed the whole thing with Krylon Matte finish to set it.

Products used:
Acrylic paint (steps 1, 2, 4)
Molding paste (step 3)
Dylusion Alpha stencil (step 5)
Crafters Workshop stencil (step 6)
Sharpie permanent marker (step 7)
2H graphite pencil (step 8)
Studio stamps and ink pad (step 9)
Krylon Matte finishing spray (step 10)