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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

YAY!!!  Sharon, our pianist at church got to go home today!  We saw her this morning while she was waiting on the doctor to release her!  She and Calvin had been waiting for 2 hours when we got there!  So, I don't know what time she finally got home, but I am sure she will feel so much better being able to sleep in her own bed!  Praise the Lord for answered prayer on her part!

Tim and I got some groceries on the way home, but since Sharon got to go home, I needed to go back out and pick up some food to fix for her for tomorrow.  I also needed to go to Aldi for some groceries for this coming weekend, too, with the kids (hopefully) coming.....if everyone gets well!

Today, I dragged a bunch of plastic totes up from the basement so I could store my yarn in them.  They were nasty dirty, so I gave them all a bath in the tub!  And before I put the yarn in them, I want to make sure they are TOTALLY dry!  I don't want any molding going on!  So, I've got totes and lids strung all over the dining/living room!

The day really zipped by and I didn't get nearly as much work done as I had planned on doing!  Plus, I had some inspiration for an art journal spread that I wanted to do sometime tonight.  That being said, after dinner tonight, I was TEMPTED to let the dishes wait until tomorrow and work on my art instead!  HOWEVER, I did not!  I was a good girl and got the kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher loaded THEN I started playing!

That brings me to today's Project Life 365 prompt.....TEMPTATION!  Imagine that!  :D

This spread has been fun!  So far, I have used lots of spraying and stencils.  I'll have to make sure I use a flash when I take a picture of the final product as the colors are so pretty!  I got the inspiration from a conversation on facebook with a girl who lives is stationed in England with her Army husband.  We were talking about the scripture verse I posted (Psalm 84:11) and she said "As I was looking up quotes about rainbows yesterday (for another project) I came across this one... "May I never miss a rainbow or sunset because I am looking down"... seems to fit with the reminder to walk upright - both literally and figuratively... after all, the rainbow is a reminder that God does keep His promises!"  I told her I really liked that and that it had inspired me to do this page I am working on!  THANKS, Molly!

Somehow I've got to work a rainbow onto the page and I want to put a girl on the page, too.  I'll show it to you, of course, when I get it done!  I'm calling it quits for tonight, however.  Got some work to do on a Bible study I am leading in a facebook group!