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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Monday!

Today's Project Life 365 Prompt is DREAM
For this prompt, I did a digital art journal page using a quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning: "God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame!

I used Cilenia Curtis' new Color Play 6 portions at Scrap Art Studio. I also used some brushes from her Artist's Toolbox #10. Here are the links to all the products I used:
Artist's Toolbox #10:
Blue Ice Elements:
Blue Ice Artsy Solid Papers:
Blue Ice Mini Kit 1:
Blue Ice Mini Kit 2:

 2012 Books Read:

 Shadow of the Almighty
The Devil in Pew Number Seven
From Victim to Victory
Tortured for Christ
There is a Season
 Papa's Wife
Papa's Daughter
Mama's Way
Dear Papa
This is My Life
Then There Grew Up a Generation
The Golden Acre
 Left Behind Series:
1.  Left Behind
2.  Tribulation Force
3.  Nicolae
4.  Soul Harvest
5.  Apollyon
6.  Assassins
7.  The Indwelling
8.  The Mark
9.  Desecration
10.  The Remnant
11.  Armageddon
12.  Glorious Appearing
Storekeeper's Daughter
Little Women
Robinson Crusoe
Follow the River

I also read a few electronically and there was another one I read (a Christmas present from a church member last year, which I gave back to her after reading it so she could read it again) but I don't remember the name of it.

Now, I'll share some photos from the weekend with the family:

Gave Kara her pillow pallet when they arrived on Friday.
Abigail always has to "try on" the toys for size!  :D  I also have a picture of her and one of Thad, too, sitting in a little wooden high chair.
 Ryan offered to help me several times in the kitchen.  Here, I opened the dish towel drawer and put the cinnamon bread loaf pan in it so it would be low enough for him to sprinkle on the topping.
 Abigail is almost 7 months older than Thad, but he is the same size as her.  She calls him, "baby" LOL!
 Liz brought a portable ping pong table and that was lots of fun for those who wanted to play.
 On Saturday, the "boys" and the "girls and baby boys" split up.  The boys went to the shooting range, while we went shopping, etc.  First stop was the mall play area for the kids.
 Right next to the play area was a pet store.  Here Chance is petting the baby rabbits.
  This is a picture of Kara and Hannah drawing before we left for shopping.
 After the Mall and lunch, Jessica Day and Liz went to some more stores while Jessica and I took the kids to the Thom A Lex park to feed the ducks and play in the playground area.
 Happy faces.

 We tried to gather them all around this vehicle.  I didn't get a good shot, but at least they are all here, except Michael who didn't want to come with us for some reason.
  Abigail started feeling bad later on in the evening.  Michael held and rocked her to sleep.
Sunday morning.  Jessica wanted a family photo.  Tim was taking pictures with her camera to the left of me, so Jessica was looking at him.  Good photo!
 Making a mess in the nursery before church starts.
 It's a good thing our family was in the services with us today.  Our group was bigger than the group of church members that was there!  I took Ryan, Hannah, Kara and Michael to my SS class.  That is always such a joy to spend time teaching my grandchildren lessons from the Bible!
 A group photo before everyone packed up to head home around 2 p.m.  Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of family!
 A shot of Michael's beautiful family.  I didn't realize until later that we didn't get a group shot of Liz's family.  RATS!
 Poor little Abigail not feeling well and running a fever....waiting patiently for mommy to get packed up so they could go home.  I hope we are all blessed with NOT coming down with whatever sickness Terry and Abigail had!  Thad ran a fever on the way home, too!

Thank You, Lord, for giving us a few beautiful days together!


Tammy said...

Looks like a wonderful time, Vicky! Your layout is beautiful.