Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I almost forgot to do my post today!  Been busy with laundry, cleaning the man bathroom, shopped for a few groceries and yarn, finishing up SS lesson, etc, etc.

Today's Project Life 365 prompt was MINI.  As I looked around for the MINI that I would share with you, I found an item I made years ago and can't bear to part with, even tho some of the grandkids have lost a few of the pieces!  So, anyone remember this little item?  I took the picture holding it in my hand so those who read this blog and who have probably never seen it will get an idea of just how small this is.  Each of the animals, along with the ark were cut out with a scroll saw.  There are 3 layers of the ark - the back, the front and the center section which is cut out to house the animals.  The animals I still have left are a camel, rhino, sheep, giraffe, snake (talk about fun to cut out!), elephant, bear and hippo.  I don't even remember what animals are missing, but a couple are, I believe, because when they were all here, it was a snug fit and the animals had to be arranged just so so to fit.

I mentioned I bought some yarn today.  Tim has been looking for a cardigan sweater at the thrift shops, but hasn't been able to find any, or the ones he has found, he hasn't liked.  So, I decided I would make him one.  So, I did a search on the internet and decided this was the one I liked the best.  Tim liked it, too!  The next step was to find yarn.  I have tons of yarn, but none that would make a nice manly sweater, or not enough of the same kind to make a man's sweater.  This sweater is from the Lion's Brand of yarn web site, so I found a substitute yarn because the one the sweater in the photo is made from was a knobby type of yarn that Tim did not like, went to AC Moore and found the yarn on sale for 2/$7 (normally $5.99 each, I believe!)!  I'm tweaking the pattern a bit (not doing a ribbed bottom edge) and have started the sweater.  I'll be sure and have Tim model it for you!  :D  But don't hold your breath until I get it posted!  With the kids coming for our Christmas get-together this coming weekend, I won't be working on it too much this week!

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jeday0323 said...

You are SO crafty. Your granddaughter definitely inherited her love of art and crafts from you!

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