Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It has been another dreary, cold, rainy day!  We even have snow in the forecast!  LOTS of snow predicted for the mountains.....those same mountains that are between us and our girls who are planning on coming to our house on Friday!  YIKES!  Travel safely and make sure you have wraps in the car in case (heaven forbid) you get stuck along the road!

OK, enough of the dreary news!  No art journal pages to show you today, but I do have some wintery type pictures for you as today's Project Life 365 prompt was Sign of Winter.  The first picture shows me wearing a sweatshirt and covered with a quilt while I knit on Tim's sweater (knitting being a wintertime activity, for the most part).  The second photo is an obvious give-away of a leafless tree which tells everyone it is winter!  Some things just don't change!  :D  Too bad there wasn't a nice, bright, beautiful red cardinal sitting amongst those naked branches!  Maybe another day!

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