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Thursday, April 27, 2017

MRI in the Works

Tim sent an e-mail to his doctor today to check in with him and let him know what all is going on as far as the struggles Tim is going through with this brain bleed affecting the motor control center.  After seeing the typos in Tim's e-mail, which the steroid was supposed to help, the doctor told Tim he was going to have a scheduler contact him to get the MRI currently scheduled for May 8th moved up ASAP.  What will happen after that MRI, as far as treatment is concerned, remains to be seen.  But, we know his problems are increasing, not getting better.

We were in the car this afternoon and my phone rang.  Since I was driving, Tim answered.  It was our daughter, Jessica, who calls me every week.  Tim filled her in on all of the things he has been going through, especially with his left hand, the confusion he has at times, etc.  He could not even handle the phone properly with his left hand while he was talking to her.  He kept dropping it and it wasn't even up to his ear.  I finally put it on speaker and held it (we had arrived at the restaurant by this time) for him.  The weird thing is that he doesn't even seem to notice the problem until he has dropped the phone, or whatever he happens to be trying to hold onto.  And he manages to get food all over his left hand now.  I even noticed him stumble a little as he walked up the sidewalk to the house today.

Jessica wrote this on Facebook after her conversation with her dad today:

"You know that person in your life that has always had it all together....
Mine is my dad. He's brilliant. Doctorate degree, knows and has taught Greek and Hebrew, knows the meaning of almost any word just by its root, tons of knowledge whether useless or not! Has been preparing sermons and Bible studies every week for the last 40 years. We had technology and Internet as far back as I can remember. He taught computer lab, algebra, family living. He has always been there for people that have been dealt an unfortunate hand and he treats them like they are somebody. Ole' Dave Medecky... . he stunk so bad but it didn't ever bother dad and he helped Dave when very few people would. He's always cared about peoples souls more than anything else. He's always been able to do just about anything. Even through four years with stage four cancer not one complaint out of this man. So today when he shared with me his struggles and some of the simple things he's having a difficult time with, it broke my heart. Lift him up in prayer if you think about it. And mama as she does more things for him, simple tasks that he's always done that aren't as easy right now."

Everything she said is true.  He only mentions his problems (and not that often) to the church on occasion, just to keep them informed as to his health situation.  Even if he didn't say anything, they all know.  It is quite obvious.  Tim is just not himself.  One of our ministry friends made a comment on yesterday's blog post.  She said, "Still praying that God will make all things better for you both."  I responded to her by saying, and I TRULY believe is part of what keeps us going......"He will, Linda!  It's a promise.....'And we KNOW (without a doubt) that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.'  Romans 8:28"  That is a sweet and precious promise, wouldn't you agree?!  Anything our God allows to happen to us on earth is waaaaaaaay better than anything the devil has to offer!  Our journey on earth is such a short time compared to the glorious eternity that awaits us with our God and Savior!

On to our day today.  Since we were out of town already this week, Tim decided to stay home from our normal day of thrifting to do some work in the office.  However, around noon we took some mail to the post office (the revival CDs are on the way, Brother Dale) and made quick stops at our local Goodwills because he decided they would "fit into his schedule."  I found a stack of Debbie Macomber books in the first one, but I already had them all.

After we got home, it looked like rain, so I decided to do some bird watching and read a book that Tim's mom sent to me that I received today.  I didn't stay out too long because I was getting cold and needed to take something for a headache.  So I went inside.  Tim was cat-napping in his Lazy boy while waiting on a call to reschedule the MRI.  I worked on the computer and did some art work.  Soon it was time for supper and we went to Ruby Tuesdays so we could get their delicious pork chop meal.  We always have a coupon for buy one get one 50% off.  THAT is a good deal!  

We went to a Goodwill down the street from Ruby Tuesdays in Clemmons when we finished eating.  We didn't find any bargains today.

After we got home, I sat outside some more.  The birds were really active today.  And they all spent more time foraging on the ground after Calvin cut the grass today.  I got some great shots and had some new visitors!  Here are the photos for today:

This was the JigZone puzzle of the day.  I actually took a picture of a dragonfly today, too.

My bird-watching zone.

The book Tim's mom sent to me that I got today!  THANKS, Jeanne!

The dragonfly on our sidewalk.

Great camouflage. 

One of the new visitors I mentioned.  This is a Brown Thrasher.

I thought the mockingbird was big.  This bird is even bigger!  And, no wonder!  Get a load of the meal below.....

WOW!  Look at the size of that meal worm!

Stark contrast in color.

LOVE the iridescence color on this Grackle

I'm surprised this mourning dove could hold onto the lighthouse feeder with being so big.

There were four house finches sitting around the bird bath until I got my camera focused on them.  I can't wait to capture them bathing!

Another visitor.  Red-bellied Wood Pecker.  I need to move the suet cakes closer to the tree for her/him.

I posted this picture of another visitor I had yesterday.  I didn't mention it because I didn't know what kind of bird it was.  But, I looked it up today.  And, from all the pictures I saw on the internet, it is an Eastern Phoebe.

This is one of many of the internet pictures that give me reason to call mine an Eastern Phoebe.

OK, there you have it!

Lord, thank You for a wonderful day.  Thank You for friends all over the globe who are praying on Tim's behalf.  We are all praying that You will heal Tim's body of this disease.  But, if that is not Your plan, Thy will be done!  We thank You and praise You for the blessings in the trial!  We love You, our God and our Savior!  I pray in Jesus' name, AMEN!