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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Today's photo prompt is clean.  So, I decided to look around the different areas of the house and photograph clean objects:

clean dish towels

clean dishes

clean clothes

clean (wholesome) reading

We did our "four corners" thrifts today.  That includes the Goodwills on Jonestown Road, one in Clemmons, one in Mocksville, and one in Lexington.

We ate lunch at Arby's in Mocksville.  My new favorite sandwich there is the Loaded Italian.  Tim tried their fish sandwich today.  He said it was good.

After we left the Lexington Goodwill, we did "our" two Goodwills and the Salvation Army on Peters Creek, hoping to find 2-4-1 books.  Found zero there!  But, I did pretty good on the Debbie Macomber books.
Plus 2 composition notebooks on the left for $0.50 each.  I use those for taking notes at church.

 Here are some photos I took this afternoon after we got home.
Crows in the field next to the church property.  The house you see is on Follansbee Road which runs parallel to our street.

This picture does not do the purple color of the little violets due justice.

No denying what this is!

Wishing well we got from the neighbor that I wanted to plant clematis in last year, but was sick and didn't get any flowers planted.

The Japanese Cherry (?) tree between the church and the fellowship hall.

Buds are only in the top of the tall one between the 2 buildings.

Here you can see both of them.

There's a couple in full bloom.

Not sure what these trees are called.
I took this picture as we headed to Applebees for supper.  After supper we went up the street to the cinema to watch, "Is Genesis History?"  You can click HERE to read more about it and view a movie trailer.

And that was our Thursday!