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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Slow Progress

Clean my bathroom
Clean Tim's bathroom
Get towel load washing
Strip bed
Get called to help with neighbor
Eat lunch
Take neighbor to get groceries
Throw towels in dryer
Start bedding load washing
Go to clean church
More laundry
Take pictures
Fold towels
Make bed after bedding dried
More laundry
Supper (fortunately is leftovers)
Clean up the kitchen
More laundry
Still doing laundry!
Time to read!

Daffodils at church

I thought this patch of clouds was interesting

More moon shots.  I used a different setting which changed the color of the sky

So cool!

Another group of daffodils I discovered at the house.  Sure looks like it will burst forth in yellow very soon!  :D

Very slow progress on the knitting.  My needles are FULL!  Gonna have to switch to circular needles, which I hate using, but the pattern calls for them.  Every row increases by 2 stitches and I'm not even half way done yet..
And that was my Saturday!


jeday0323 said...

I love your pictures and I love your daffodils!!

I got tired just reading your list of stuff done on Saturday. We're just like you - how can just the two of us accumulate so much laundry?

Vicky said...

I know, right? I could do some during the week, but I like to do it all on Saturday. That way Tim has a closet full of clean clothes to begin the week! Today had a lot of interruptions, otherwise the laundry would have gotten done earlier! Such is life! :D