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Friday, February 24, 2017


Today's photo prompt is cloud.  I love taking pictures of clouds.

We went to the doctor for Tim's regular blood work and doctor visit.  Everything was fine.
In the waiting room.

After we got home, it was time for me to take some pictures.
I gained another daffodil in this group; the one lowest and furthest on the left in the picture.

Another angle of the tall ones.

This angle makes it look like there is only 1 big one and one smaller one, but the other 3 are lined up behind the first one.

I think this is my favorite color of daffodil because I love the color of the middle that contrasts with the yellow.

Supper was pork chops, sweet potato and frozen peas.  I cannot eat canned peas!  And I wouldn't even eat frozen peas until I was pregnant with Jessica!

After getting the kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher going, I headed outside to take some more pictures.

Crows in the neighbor's tree

I didn't get all of the hollyhock bulbs dug up, obviously, or they settled back down in the dirt and came up again.


mocking bird

He kept moving around the tree.

Not sure what this one is.  Seems too bright red to be a bluebird.  And, I don't really see a lot of blue.

I'm pretty sure this is the mockingbird keeping his eye on me.

This is the tree in the front yard where I took the bird pictures from.

So, I discovered how to make sure my selfies are flipped properly.  This is the correct photo as I was on Tim's right.  The one shown earlier was backwards as it showed me on the left of Tim.  We I looked at these two photos that I took at the hospital, I remembered that after I snapped this picture, I changed the setting on my phone from "photo" to "pro."  The "pro" setting is the one that flips the picture.  I tested my theory 2 more times below.

It is wonderful to be able to wear capris and flip flops in February!

Correct picture

Wrong.  When I am sitting in my reading chair, the book case is behind me on my left.


Wrong.  I was sitting on Tim's right.
OK, that's it for today!