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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hump Day

I have no concern to get over hump day now that I am not working.  What a great feeling that is!  Thank You, Lord!

I was bound and determined to finish my shawl today, so I started on it again this morning.  Then I got word from the Christian Bookstore that a book I had ordered was in.  So, after lunch I made a trip to pick the book up.  It may be the book we do as a ladies' Bible study in our monthly meetings.  While there I always check their clearance area.  Well, I hit the jackpot today!  I saved $536.65!  Everything I got was marked 90% off!  I was able to pick up several things for birthdays for the grandkids!  Tim was sticker-shocked when he saw how much I saved!  He said, "so, how much did you have to spend to save that much?"  The answer is $78.96.....$15 of it being for the book I had ordered, which was a savings of $5 for it, too!  :D  So, I think I did pretty good!  I just have to store the gifts someplace where I won't forget about them!  If I do, there is always Christmas!

After returning from the store, the neighbor needed to go to the bank and Walmart, so I was gone for a couple of hours with that trip.  Not too long after that I had to start working on supper.

I said all of that to say that I didn't get my shawl finished today like I wanted to.  I'm going to knit on it some more tonight after I'm done here, so I may still get it done.  We shall see.

Photos from today:

Taking a coffee break.

Close-up of the texture

I kid you not!!!!!!!  Spring is here in NC!
And my daffodils did bloom today, but it was raining this morning when I checked and then with all of the running around I did, I forgot to get a picture of them.  I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow sometime.

And, today's photo prompt:  more than one
My 3 bags of savings from LifeWay Christian Bookstore.

Tomorrow we thrift!  :D