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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If Your Life Stinks.......

.......we have a pew for you

This week's sign.

The usual things today.  Bible, cleaning, reading, knitting, taking pictures.

Today's pictures and photo prompt(s):
Breakfast:  Maple brown sugar oats, toast, tea

 More bluebird pictures:

Preening and fluffing his feathers

Wonder what he saw?  He flew off right after I shot this one.

Hyacinth planted by the steps that I did not remember planting.  They didn't come up last year.  I really don't remember planting them there, but I put the description tag against the wall.  They may have come up last year, but with being sick most of the Spring, didn't notice them.

You can barely read the name on the tag.

There's the tag on the other side of the steps, but no sign of any hyacinth.  See the hole by the weed on the right?

You can see 3 holes in this picture.  It is like something either dug them or the ground is washing away.

While I was taking pictures today, I spotted the white belly shining of this guy.  I don't know what kind of bird it is.  Do you?  He didn't hang around for many pictures.

Here's what I've got knitted on the purse so far.

The photo prompts I went with today were, Round and Lines:
phone and electric lines.  The bluebird pictures are of the little guy you see on the lines right in the center of the picture.
round cookie

round stitch marker

round roll of yarn

Tada!  That was my Tuesday!  The weather was cooler than yesterday.....60's.  Cloudy this afternoon and evening.  Rain is supposed to come tomorrow.....70% chance I think is what I heard.  I have to take the neighbor to the doctor tomorrow.  Have a good Wednesday!  Come be with us for Bible study tomorrow (Wednesday) night!  We would LOVE to have you visit!