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Sunday, February 26, 2017


There are lots of pictures I could post for routine things done around here, but here is the one I chose for today:

Loading the dishwasher
So, one of the ladies at church told the women about a 15 Bean Soup that she made that was delicious.  The 15 beans are sold together in one bag with the recipe on the back.  She said she put a ham hock in hers, so after buying the beans, we got a ham.  We had the ham today for lunch.  Then I cut the rest off the bone and froze it in several packs and kept the ham hock out to put in the bean soup tomorrow.  Tonight I am soaking the beans.  I also froze a hunk to fix in some green beans and potatoes!  YUM!

Here's our sign for the week.  I would much rather be safe hereafter than safe here on earth.  I pray it does not come to that, but it might.  Are you saved?  Have you realized you are a sinner in need of a Savior?  If you die in your sins, you are NOT safe for the hereafter!  However, Jesus will remove your sins if you put your faith and trust in Him and repent (turn your back on) of your sins!  THEN you will be safe for the hereafter!

There is a story behind this picture, and it is not about the buds on it.  I had brought my camera out to take pictures this afternoon.  There was commotion of birds in the tree in our front yard that you can see behind the church sign above.  There were a couple of birds flitting and chirping around in the tree.  I stood behind the church sign watching and waiting.  They were jumping from branch to branch and back again.  Finally, they settled down a bit.  So, picture time.  Well, don't you know, by the time I got ready to snap the picture, they took off!  Oh well!  Better luck next time!  I think they were chickadees, too!

We have a missionary spending the night with us tonight.  He came to the services tonight to present his work in Kitale, Africa.  We support his partner, so we will probably support him and his family, too.  We have known him for years, ever since we were in Buffalo, WV.  He was there with his mom and step dad, but they left the mission field several years ago, but he and his family stayed.  They are on furlow until June when they will return to Africa.

That was my Sunday!  Pretty quiet, the way Sunday's are meant to be!  :D  Have a great week!