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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thunder and Lightning

Today was pretty much fruitless.  I woke up with a headache and just could not really get motivated.  I did my Bible reading, did the dishes, did some crocheting, but that was about it, other than I took a few pictures.  I didn't even make dinner because we ate leftover chili before church tonight.

We had a nice, young man visit the church tonight.  Dressed in a very nice suit, too!  Found out he was from another Baptist church up the street.  They changed their mid-week service to Thursday nights, so he decided to come up and see what was going on at our church.  He is the youth pastor at his church, so I'm sure he was disappointed to find we don't have any youth.  We hate that fact, for sure!  He is in his Senior year of Bible college.  Tim has always wanted to take a young man "under his wings" to train him for the ministry, but has never had that opportunity.  Maybe this will be a young man he can influence.  We shall see how the Lord leads.

It thundered and lightninged for a brief time after church this evening.  It passed out of the area very quickly.  We are supposed to have a cold front move through.  It has been in the 70's the last couple of days.  I keep checking my daffodils everyday expecting to see their yellow heads pop through!

Here's my pictures for the day:

It was pretty cloudy all day today.

I went into the woods behind the church today.  I heard a crow in one of the trees back here and wanted to get a close-up of it.  But, I never did see it.

This grapevine reminded me of the woods we used to play in as kids.

Lest you are concerned that I went very deeply into the woods, there is a picture of the church.  I really didn't go much further than this because I had on the wrong kind of shoes to go tromping through the woods.  This woods is not very deep, anyway, because we are not that far from Follansbee Rd. that runs parallel to South Main St.

While I was in the woods, I heard all kinds of "creeping things" but never did see anything.  So, I decided to get some photos of the new growth happening in there.

View of the back of the church and fellowship hall (and the clouds).

Tim was bringing in the trash can from the road.

In case that you cannot see what I see................... it is!

I tried to zoom in closer to the clover flower, but couldn't for whatever reason.  That green is a thing TerminX has set out in the yard for ants, I believe.

Tim's weather station

Walking back to the office.

More new sprouts under the trees in the maple tree in the back of the house.

Sunshine trying to peek through the clouds.

Today's photo prompt choices were:  Orange, Old, Beautiful, and Faceless Portrait.  I chose OLD.
My old study Bible that I bought back in 1996.
OK, that was my day.

WARNING:  Graphic photos to follow!
Now, these photos are mainly for Tim's mom.  I haven't taken a photo of the surgery site on Tim's chest in quite some time.  It is all healed now.  It is not pretty, but, praise the Lord, we are not having to bandage that ugly tumor twice a day any more!  So, if you want to look at these pictures, you will have to scroll way down to see them.

The coloring is a little off on this close-up.

This should give you an idea of how deep of a crater he has.

This is to give you an idea of how big the area is.  The lump at the top on the other side is the port that is inserted under the skin to make frequent injections easier.

The skin graft still has the texture of the gauze (you can see it better in the first picthre) that laid on top of it for awhile while the graft was "taking."  I don't think this crater will fill in very much, if any.  But, we have so much to be thankful for!