Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moony Up There!

That title.....I took some wonderful pictures of the moon tonight (if I do say so myself!)!  It made me think of something Tim told me he used to do when he was small.  He used to open a closet and with the light bulb shining brightly, would say, "moony up there!"  :D  Anyway.......wait til you see MY "moony up there" photos!  Have I mentioned that I absolutely L.O.V.E. my camera?!  :D

OK, what do you suppose all of these items have in common?  Any guesses?
Communion cup, plastic glass, 2 fast-flowing bottle pourers, and a sports bottle.

Picture of the packaging showing how the fast-flowing bottle pourers are to be used.
OK, so, I have forever been filling the communion cups once every 3 months by pouring some wine into the plastic WV glass, pinching the top together to create a "pour spout" and filling the tiny cups that way.  Then, last year, I found the fast-flowing bottle pourers at the thrift for a buck, I think.  Well, when I got ready to use them in the wine bottle to prepare the next Lord's Supper, it turned out that the pourers were too small for the wine bottle!  BUMMER!  Then, we got the idea that a sports bottle would work!  So, for the last several weeks we have been on the look out for one at the thrift.  And, BEHOLD!  Today I found one!  Hopefully this will work!

In other thrifting news, we stopped at the Habitat ReStore so I could look at the books.  They were having a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale.  The paperbacks are $0.50 there!  Since I could not find another book to make it 4 for the price of 2 ($1.00), they ended up selling all 3 of these to me for $0.50!  And one of the books has 2 books in one!  CHA-CHING!!

I did have those expandable plastic 3-tier shelves for my spices, but I was forever having to move them around to see the names of the spices.  Tim spied this at the thrift today.  The one on the left was as far as it would expand, so the one that normally would have stacked on top, I used on the right.  Perfect fit, even if not exactly ideal with the arm coming down the "middle" for things to hide behind.  But, I think I have the spices I use most arranged so they are easily accessible without having to always move something from in front of them.

Tonight we tried a different restaurant, at the recommendation of one of the church members.  We enjoyed it.  As you can see from the cup, the name of the place is Tijuana Flats and is a Tex-Mex restaurant.

We got the special; a burrito with chips, salsa and a beverage.  I think the total was less than $15.  Not bad!  Tim had a beef burrito with beans, rice, lettuce, tomato and sour cream.  I had a chipotle chicken burrito with beans, rice, lettuce and tomato.

Now, to my wonderful moon shots tonight.  I used the tripod to capture these pictures.

This last one zoomed in as close as I could.  The moon wouldn't fit in the frame.  Tim asked me if I saw the American flag that Neil Armstrong placed on it!  :D
 Now, these next ones are of Venus.  The weird thing is how they compare to the picture below that I got off of the internet.  In my pictures, I can vaguely see a red circle around the outside, then the "hazy" part.  Before I zoomed in, Tim commented that he didn't know what I would see except for maybe gases rising.  So, I am wondering if that is what the outer "hazy" part is.

I told Tim these looked more like a cell nucleus to me.  I'll have to try using a different filter and see what I come up with.

And here is the picture I got off of the internet.  Doesn't look anything like mine.  

This is all I could get of Mars.  You can see a red glow around it.
Picture of Mars from the internet.

The tripod.

Last, but not least, my photo for the photo prompt today:  Feet
Resting my tootsies after being on them all day!

And, BOY!  Was it cold today after the warmth of yesterday!  We were at least 30 degrees colder!  And the wind blew right through your clothes to reach the skin!  But, it was a beautiful day as far as the sunshine goes!  I'm glad the sun was out, otherwise the wind would have been unbearable!  BRRRRRR!!

OK, time to read before bed!  Nite!

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jeday0323 said...

I absolutely love your moon pictures!! Totally worth framing.

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