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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Way That He Loves

This being Valentine's Day, I thought of this song, the greatest love ever!

The Way That He Loves
1958 by John T Benson, Jr.

The way that He loves is as fair as the day,
That blesses my way with light.
The way that He loves is as soft as the breeze,
Caressing the trees at night.
So tender and precious is He,
Contented with Jesus I'll be.
The way that He loves is so thrilling because
His love reaches even me.

The way that He loves is as deep as the sea,
His spirit shall be my stay.
The way that He loves is as pure as a rose,
Much sweeter He grows each day.
His peace hovers near like a dove.
I know there's a heaven above.
To Jesus I cling, life's a wonderful thing
Because of the way He loves.

This is a beautiful song.  It reminds us how much God loves us.  We love because He first loved us!

I woke up with another headache.  It gets very old!

I realized it had been about a week since I knitted on my shawl, so I decided to work on that today.

At 1:00, I started preparing the meat loaf that Tim found the recipe for on the internet.  I must say, it was delicious!!!  Click HERE to see the recipe I used.  Scroll down to the bottom of the recipe where it says, "Too much meatloaf?"  I clicked on the link there for the recipe using 1 pound of meat.

At 2:15, I left to take the neighbor to the doctor.  The volunteer was late to sit with the elderly woman our neighbor cares for, which made us late leaving for the appointment.  She called on the way there to explain to her that she was going to be late and why.  She was told she had 17 minutes to get there.  Well, we were really close!  I dropped her off at the door while I parked the car.  The receptionist said she would have to ask the doctor if she would still see her, which she did, thankfully!  It was a long appointment.  Tim had to finish fixing supper.  It was almost 5 before I got home.

The toaster oven shuts off automatically after 30 minutes, unless you set the timer.  Tim forgot to do that, so when he opened the door to take the meatloaf and potatoes out, the oven was cold.  So, he had to reset the temperature and get it cooking again!  He was just sitting down to eat when I got home.

I did more knitting on the shawl this evening.  I am hoping to finish it tomorrow!

Here are the photos for today.

My egg, cheese and bacon bits breakfast muffin

I chopped some long branches off of my schefflera plant and the purple plant (that I forget the name of at present) and stuck them in water where, hopefully, they will root.

My pink polka dot plant is doing very well since I chopped it back to almost the roots.

I'm looking for these to bloom tomorrow!

Another bloom at church

More buds about to open at church

Another tree across the road with lighter colored buds than the red one I took the other day not too far towards the left of this tree (<----- td="" that="" way="">


Letting the sunshine in while I knit

Some of the ingredients going into the meatloaf.

Getting close to being done!
And that was my day.  Hoping yours was great!