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Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Beloved

I love this statement from the book of Song of Solomon:  "My beloved is mine, and I am his" Song of Solomon 2:16.  When I looked up the Hebrew for "beloved," the Strong's Concordance defines it:  from an unused root meaning properly, to boil, i.e. (figuratively) to love.  So, this must be where "burnin' love" comes from, do you think?  :D  I don't know!  But, I do know that true love does burn in your soul!  It is like a fire that consumes you!  I'm so thankful for my beloved!  I'm so thankful the Lord brought us together in 1971.  What a prize catch I have!

With today being Sunday, the afternoon was pretty quiet.  We had leftover chili for lunch.  After lunch I did some knitting on my shawl.  The rows are getting longer and longer and it currently takes 10 minutes to do one row!  That time will only increase.  I am at the halfway mark, I believe!  That means only 15 more inches to go!  :-0
What's left of the Super Bowl wings from tonight!  I didn't share the game, but I did share the wings!  YUM!

No other photos for the day, except here are 2 for the "photo-a-day" challenges:
Prompt:  Mix (I mix Frito's in with my chili!)  YUM!

Prompt:  I love.....(many things, but this was in my hand when I was looking at my different prompts today.....a raspberry filled Krispy Kreme donut!  I do love them!)
Did you notice 3/4 of my pictures today have to do with food?  :D  All I can say is, "YUM!"

I read the book, "Seaside" by Terri Blackstock last night.  Very good!  I recommend it!  Tonight, I am going to begin reading her book, "Intervention."  Time to start!