Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5, 2009

We had a busy and tiring day today, but it was a good day! We left the hotel early this morning to get something to eat before church (what happened to our Continental breakfast??). We ended up at a gas station for breakfast, LOL! After we ate, we went to the church where we used to be members more than 25 years ago. My brother still attends there. And it is where mom and dad attended when they were living. Just about all of the faces we knew are gone and have been replaced with a new crop, which is a good thing.

I did not tell Joey that we would be there because I wanted it to be a surprise. When we got to the church his truck was there, but the doors were locked to the church and no lights were on. I finally called after we knocked on both doors and realized that, in deed, no one was there. I said, "Where are you? And why aren't you here with your truck?" or something to that effect. He paused, then said, "Are you at Grace?" which is the name of his church. I told him yes and asked how far away he was. So, he got there in about 10 minutes. In the meantime, the pastor's wife arrived and unlocked the door so we could go in. It was a good service and it was good to see the few faces that we did know. We treated Joey to lunch afterwards at Gold Star Chili, gave him a hello from my sister (in FL) and chit chatted for a few minutes before heading towards WV.

We arrived at our daughter's house at 4:33 (he had predicted 4:38). We went to church with them (the church Tim formerly pastored before we moved last year). It was wonderful to see everyone there again. Tim picked up our blind friend, Anthony, and took him to church with us. Liz fixed pizza for supper after church and then we age brownies and ice cream. Then I played with the kids and read to them.

Tomorrow we will head back to NC. We have traveled many miles this weekend, that is for sure! I will try to figure out how many miles we traveled later. Now, it is time for bed!

Credits: From Sea to Shining Sea by Amanda Thorderson.
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Anonymous said...

Awww that's a great picture of you two!

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