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Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Great Day!

Tim and I had a great day today!  Since he has been taking 1/2 dose of the steroid again, he is doing so much better!  The steroid has given him his appetite back, so as a result of that he is stronger and is doing much better with his walking.  So when he asked last night what we could do today (his normal day off) I said, "How about we go to Greensboro for some thrifting?"  He was ready!  He said, "We can take our time here in the morning, sleep late, eat breakfast and leave around 10:00."  Sounded like a plan to me, so that is what we did!

We stopped at probably 6 thrifts before we called it quits.  It was so hot, I was beginning to feel sick, so I was glad when he called it quits.  We ate lunch at Jam's Deli after the second Goodwill.  Good food, quick service, and a bit pricey!  As usual, we only ate part of it and brought the rest home.  I got 2 big carryout styrofoam containers.  Filled the bottom one with ice and set the other one down on top of the ice to keep the leftovers cool.

After we got home, Tim took a nap.  I made phone calls to confirm things about my upcoming doctors appointments.  We stayed home for supper and ate leftovers.

A few thunderstorms were blowing through our area and kicked up the breeze a bit which cooled things down enough that we could sit out under the carport and watch the birds tonight.  However, we only got a very few sprinkles from the clouds that rolled over us.  I filled all of the bird feeders again and added water to the bird bath.  We weren't visited by too many birds, however.  Just a cardinal, a house finch and a hummingbird.

Tomorrow is my "gastric emptying scan."  My appointment is at 10:00.  They will feed me an egg.  At 11, 12, 1 and 2:00 they will do scans to watch the process of my digesting the egg.  Gonna be another long day!  But, I pray these scans, or the gastric bloodwork and endoscopy on Monday reveal the cause of my nausea.  Since I don't have any nausea with the added reflux pill at night, I would say the nausea is caused from too much acid in my stomach all the time.  But, we shall see.

Lookin' a little rough around the gills, to quote my dad.

My favorite picture of the day.

Our only purchase at the thrifts today.  This book includes the complete Narnia set, 7 books in one.  I got it for $0.99!
Thank You, LORD, for a GREAT day!