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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day Two

Praise the Lord!  Still no nausea/vomiting with "the pill."  Tim was tired all day, but when he laid down in the afternoon to nap, he couldn't sleep.  Still eating pretty well, so I am thankful for that!  Thank You, LORD!

We had to make another trip to Walmart to refill my acid reflux med, Pantoprazole, to the tune of $52 AFTER the discount card was used!  That is double what it was 3 months ago!  I would LOVE to be off of all the medicine I have had to start taking!  Before all of this started a year ago, I boasted only having to take tylenol for headaches and tylenol pm at night.  How soon things can change!  Now I am taking 3 different meds!  I've been reading and listening to lots of things on whole-food plant-based nutrition.  I'm just not ready to give up my protein in the form of meat yet!  I did buy a container of steel-cut oats today and some strawberries so I could eat that for breakfast.  And I will try sweetening the oats with mashed up banana instead of sugar.  Maybe I will get us healthier a little at a time!

We didn't do a whole lot today.  Tim was up at 6 and ate his breakfast and retired to his recliner to watch the news.  At 8, I finally got up to get some tylenol for the headache I had.  I gave Tim his morning dose of meds and put a roast in the crockpot for our supper.  Tim and I laid back down for a little while.  We couldn't go back to sleep, so we got up and he went to the office and I got on the computer to clean up my email, etc.

When Tim laid down for his nap in the afternoon, I took some more tylenol and laid down, too.  I never could go to sleep.  He didn't sleep much.  Eventually we just got up.

Church tonight and now it is bedtime for real, LOL!  I have one more episode to watch of the Truth about Cancer series which I will do before I go to bed.

We plan to do the local thrifts tomorrow and that is about it.  I want to hang close to the house so Tim can lie down when he needs to.  I will work on the bulletin and try to get it finished except for printing it out.  Friday Elisabeth and the kids are going to come and hang out for a bit.  Tim will be so happy to see them!  I will too, of course, but he will especially.

Thanks, again, for your wonderful prayer support!  I would love to meet all of you someday.....if not here, heaven will be fine!