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Monday, July 24, 2017

We Don't, We Don't, We Don't Mess Around, HEY!

In following up with Tim's ER visit, I sent messages to all 4 of Tim's doctors at Baptist:  his oncologist, his radiation oncologist, his neurologist and his ophthalmologist.  I gave them the events surround the ER visit with the double vision and the crossing/wandering of his left eye, which began last night and is really bad today!

The radiation oncologist and neurologist got together and decided to move up the 2-months-out brain MRI to within the week.  I got on Tim's computer tonight to see that it has been scheduled for Thursday!  WOW!  The radiation oncologist is our favorite doctor of the group.  He is a go-getter!  He doesn't mess around!  And he is the one that mentioned God creating the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain from toxins.  And, the last appointment we had for Tim a couple of weeks ago when he got a brain MRI and a CT scan and we were back and forth between buildings at the hospital all day, when we met with him and then had to go to another building to meet with the oncologist, he pushed Tim in the wheelchair over to the building.  Tim said he expected him to tell one of his nurses to take us over.  The doctor said, "no, we go way back together.  I will take you!"  What a guy!  If you need a radiation oncologist, pick Dr. Michael Chan at Baptist!  Just sayin!

Tim still is not sleep well.  I hope it is just a matter of being off of the chemo pill for a few days before it kicks back in again!  He was up pretty early and then came back to bed at 7:30.  I got up, hoping it would help him to sleep better.  He was up in a couple of hours, however.

The temperature was really nice this morning, probably because it was overcast and the humidity seemed to be lower.  I sat outside for awhile this morning for my quiet time with the Lord and to enjoy the birds that we haven't been out to watch for awhile since it has been so stinking hot!  It did get pretty hot again today, but didn't seem quite so bad since the humidity was a bit lower.  We sat out to watch the birds tonight.

The entire tobacco crop is blooming now.

The owner of the field took his tractor down between all of the rows.  Not sure what he was doing.

There was a threat of rain at one point, but for the most part, the day was beautiful, even if it was hot!
 It's a birds world:

Anyone recognize this bird?  I cannot find out what it is called.

Carolina Wren

There are 2 hummers that try to get to this feeder.  One always runs the other one off, however.


That's it for this Monday!


jeday0323 said...

I love staying up to date with Tim (and you!) on here. Thank you so much for posting every day!

Praise God for such a great doctor right there in NC to take care of Tim.