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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day Three

Still no nausea/vomiting for Tim!  Praise the LORD!  But, his sleep was really messed up last night.  He was up several times.  Once, he got up at 12:45 a.m. and ate a bowl of cereal and then came back to bed!  He didn't sleep much all night.  I think he finally got up around 6 and went to the recliner to watch the news.  At 8 he came back to bed and I got up, hoping my not being bed would allow him to sleep better.  He said he went right to sleep.  He slept for maybe an hour and 15 minutes.  Got up, took his shower and we went to our local thrifts.  Surprisingly, he was perkier, but a little unsteady on his feet.  We ate at Pizza Hut for lunch.  I had a salad and breadsticks.  He ate pizza.  I wish I would have told him to eat some salad because he has been constipated since taking this chemo pill.  He sent a note to his oncologist to suggest a laxative.

The rest of the day was spent doing odds and ends around here.  Tim went to the office for awhile and then took a nap and slept for maybe a couple of hours.  I finished up and printed the bulletin, edited my devotion for the ladies meeting and printed it out, swept and mopped the kitchen, dining room and my bathroom floors.  Supper was salad with leftover chicken and corn on the cob.

Tomorrow will be a full day.  Liz and the kids will come in the morning/afternoon for a visit.  We plan to do brunch.  A preacher friend and his wife from WV will be visiting sometime tomorrow on their way back home after making a visit to a former church member who is in Baptist Hospital.  Tomorrow night is the ladies' meeting for me and Tim plans to attend revival services at Damascus Baptist in Statesville, with one of our members taking him.

Sorry, no pictures today.  Today was the hottest day this summer so far at 96 for the high.  OY VEY!!  But, the humidity must have been lower because it didn't seem as hot today as it has on lower temperature days of late!

Have a great rest of the evening!