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Monday, July 17, 2017

Nothing Confirmed

Today was the endoscopy.

"Erythema in the duodenum compatible with duodenitis. (Biopsy)
Ulceration in the antrum. (Biopsy)
Diverticulum in the esophageal."

The doctor said she saw nothing to give indication as to why I am still having nausea problems.  She gave me another pill to try.....FDgard, which "calms the upper belly."  Just what I wanted.....another pill!  Ugh!  I sure hope the 4-hour scan that was done Friday reveals something!  Tomorrow I am to have Gastrin blood work.

I forgot to mention the possibility of it being my gallbladder.  And I also wanted to ask her about probiotics.  But, I was a little "foggy" after the procedure, so I totally forgot!  I have a follow-up appointment for 8/31 to go over the pathology results of the endoscopy.

We picked up Tim's new cancer medicine today, Temodal, at the hospital pharmacy.  Five capsules in a blister pack.  This is the scary part.  We were instructed to pop each dose into a cup, not the hand.  We are not to touch the capsule, just ingest it!  WHAT??  You can't touch it, but you can swallow it?!  WOW!

Please pray with me that Tim does not get sick with this treatment!  I am really nervous about it!  Especially after watching the "Total Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest" episodes!  Speaking of which, here is the link to Episode 7.

The temperature was cooler today.  And by the time supper was over, the clouds were moving in and there was a slight breeze.  It was very pleasant under the carport for bird watching.

Do you see it?

White breasted nut hatcher

Lori came for a visit while she was waiting on someone to come to her house.