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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Praise Ye the LORD!

Let all that hath breath praise the LORD!  Yes, I am praising the LORD today for a normal night of sleep after taking the Ranitidine before bed last night!  And, I made myself stay up until 10:00, hoping that would help some, too!  Tim did the same.  It was probably 6:00 before I looked at the clock the first time and we finally got up around 8:15.  Thank You, LORD!

It actually felt like a half-way normal day today.  I cleaned the bathrooms, did the laundry, actually did some cooking!  And I finished printing and folding the bulletin.  And also finished up my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow.

Tim went outside to the carport fairly early today, so I went out with him for awhile, too, and got a few pictures of the birds.

We ate lunch and Tim laid down for his nap so we could go for a visit to one of the church members and her husband at 3:00.  I was surprised he slept so long!  But, it could be from the anxiety pill I gave him last night, too.  He said he slept well!  Thank You, LORD!

I finished laundry by throwing the last load into the dryer about 2:30.  Before we left at 2:45, I took a few items out of the dryer that I didn't want to get wrinkled when the dryer stopped while we were gone.  They were still damp, so I laid them out to finish drying while we were gone and then hung them up or folded and put them away when we got back from the visit.

After supper Tim watched the news and then I went back outside for awhile.  I noticed something moving in the neighbor's yard:

And, I discovered there are more baby bluebirds when one of the adults carried a worm into the nest.

And then Tim decided to join me.  So, I took another picture of my favorite guy.  We didn't stay out too much longer because rain was moving in.  But, I think it was more south of us.  We ended up only getting a few far, anyway.

"Fire at Will!"  Anyone know what commercial I am quoting?  If you know, I think it is too funny!  :D

Anyway, here is our piece of the rainbow we saw tonight.  Someone south of us was getting, or had gotten some rain, I guess!

Lord, I thank You for your blessings through the week!  They are too numerous to count!  We are looking forward to being in Your house with Your people tomorrow!  Bring some lost soul to salvation, I pray.  In Jesus' name!  AMEN!