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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Such a Beautiful Day!

All in all, it was a beautiful day!  A few clouds and a few sprinkles this afternoon, but those didn't hang around for long.  Low humidity and lower temps made for a delightful afternoon and included a wonderful breeze!  My kind of day!

Tim was feeling a bit better today, so I went with the ladies to breakfast at IHOP!  It was so nice and I enjoyed myself immensely!  Calvin stayed with Tim and he said Tim kept the conversation going!  I was gone for 2 hours.

What a fiasco at the restaurant!  We didn't get seated til about 10:30, I am guessing.  The waiter took our 7 orders WITHOUT writing anything down!  I knew that was not a good sign!  Sure enough, after he went to the computer to put the order in, he had to come back to the table and get the orders again.....still not writing anything down!  He got most everything correct.  My egg sandwich had 2 eggs instead of 1.  One of the omelets had no cheese or spinach as ordered.  Pancakes were brought that were not ordered.  One order had each individual item rung up separately instead of as a platter.  The 55+ plates were not rung up that way. The whole table was put on one order.  He had 9 waters on the order and there were only 7 of us at the table and not all of us got water!  OY VEY!!  When we got ready to leave, we just got the shift manager involved and she asked everyone what they ordered and she rang them up separately.  I'd say that waiter was having an OFF day!

Tim took a good nap this afternoon.  I went outside to watch the birds and read so as not to make any noise in the house.

When I thought Tim might be up and ready for something to eat, I went back into the house to check on him.  Still in bed!  So I went back outside for another hour or so.  When I went back into the house the television was on but he was not there.  I found him sitting at the dining room table.  I asked him if he was ready to eat, which he was.  He said he basically had just gotten up.

After supper, he watched a little bit of television before joining me outside.  We stayed out another hour or so.  The temperature was delightful to me, but he was a bit chilly in the breeze!  It was time to go in and read our Charles Spurgeon devotions anyway.

Thank You, LORD, for a wonderful day!

Here's some pictures and movies for you to enjoy!

I almost cut myself out of this picture!

Bird Haven

Looks like a strut to me!  :D

I saw three hummers today!  But only one at a time is allowed at the feeder!  :D

Very hard to see, but the hummer is checking out this feeder.  He is to the left of the feeder in about the center of the picture.

Haven't seen a blue jay all summer!  Wow!  They are so much bigger than the other birds!

Nut hatcher

Still don't know what the name of this bird is.

Here's to hoping Tim feels well enough to at least go to church tomorrow, but he didn't eat or drink much again today!  He was unsteady this evening.  He got up around 11 p.m. and wanted some pancakes.  Took one bite and decided they weren't very good and didn't eat any more.  He went back to bed with a heating pad against his back.  Normally his back only hurts him in the recliner, but he said it was hurting in bed tonight.