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Monday, July 3, 2017

Holiness and Faith

Tim said he didn't feel as strong or as stable as he felt yesterday.  He also told me he wants to wait and take the steroid in the morning as it makes his dreams too vivid.

He got up around 7, ate his breakfast, cat napped in the recliner for a couple of hours before taking his shower and then heading to the church office to do some work.  He is planning to do the devotion at Mallard Ridge again next Monday and will be teaching Calvin's Sunday school lesson for him the following Sunday (2 weeks from yesterday).  So, he is doing some searching through old lessons that he can work on and use.

After he came back to the house, we went to Walmart to make the deposit and get a new desk lamp for our bedroom.  The old one was dragged off the desk one too many times and wouldn't work any longer.

This afternoon I worked on my devotion for the next ladies' meeting later on this month.  Or, we may take this month to go out to eat since we didn't do it in May because of Tim's brain surgery.  Not sure yet.

Both of us ate light today because we were invited out to supper with a couple from church.  I woke up with nausea again today, but it was pretty much gone by the time they picked us up to go out to the Village Grille in Lexington.  Tim and I both got the fried chicken with 2 sides.  It was delicious and we brought leftovers home.  That's always a good thing!

After we got back home a couple of hours later, I still had to put up the new church sign for the week.  It was humid, but had cooled down a bit from 92 since it was cloudy.  Then Tim and I went to the carport to do some bird-watching, but I took a couple of pictures of the hummingbird and called it quits.  It was just too hot for me.

The church sign this week is a quote by Spurgeon that I rearranged to fit on the sign.  It originally said:  "there cannot be faith in the heart unless there be holiness in the life." (June 26 evening devotion from "Morning and Evening" devotional by Spurgeon.)

This picture of the hummingbird actually turned out clearer than any of the ones I took yesterday with the bird-watching burst of 5 pictures setting.  I just zoomed in on the main scene setting.  I can't get over how tiny these birds are!  The amazing creation work of our amazing God!

Well, I have a headache tonight.  It started this afternoon.  Normally after I take my tylenol pm's it would go away.  Not so much tonight.  So, I think I will read our Spurgeon devotion for tonight to Tim and feed him his night time pills and get ready for bed.  Praying Tim wakes up strong and stable and that I am not nauseous!

Have a safe 4th tomorrow!  Remember why we are celebrating...freedom of religion!