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Monday, July 24, 2017

In His Strength

Tim was weak and tired today.  He went straight to bed after we got home from church this morning.  He slept for a couple of hours and then was up.  He was still planning on teaching in the evening service.  And, he did.

He was worried about being able to stand long enough to make it through his lesson.  Fifty-two minutes later, he was still standing as he closed in prayer!  Thank You, LORD!

The thunderstorm rolled in around us, but I don't think we got a drop of rain!

But, that's OK.  At least the clouds brought in cooler air!  Cool enough that I was able to put up the new church sign for the week.  "The key to peace is the presence of God not absence of conflict" taken from a book I am reading by Elizabeth George.  I pray you have the peace that passes all understanding in Jesus Christ the Lord!

Have a great week!


jeday0323 said...

Praise God for Tim being able to preach! Also, Tim is one determined man. :-)

I love the quote for the sign. I think I need to write that one down and think on it for a while.